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10 June 2011

Pat, of the Global News Team, sat down for an interview with Vinka, the owner of Europa

Pat: Okay, let's start with the basics. What type of server is this going to be?

Vinka: The main concept is that you're a reborn king, resurrected by the goddess of Europa, Epa, and you should find your way back in one of the kingdoms (Western / Westonia, or Eastern / Erran). [You will] fight for your kingdom. We will introduce a leveling system and a self creating storyline... more [info] on this later.

Pat: So there are two kingdoms. I am assuming that they are rival nations and [that] there will be PVP. What kind of PVP combat will Europa feature, if any?

Vinka: PVP will be one of our greatest focuses on Europa; although it's not fully planned in detail yet, my current vision on it is to have both challenging world PVP (raiding on the opposing kingdom's city, or sneaking into it as an Assassin - Did I mention the three classes? [They are] Soldier, Assassin, and Sorcerer) and...Battlefield Battles. [In Battlefield Battles], once [every] three days, this big war event will be held between the two kingdoms. The winning kingdom receives Nation Points. (These will be one of the main currencies on Europa [used] to gain equipment and rare items.)

Pat: Wow, I am excited to see this in action! It all sounds like a good time.

Could you tell me more about the classes?

Vinka: Sure. These too are still not fully planned, but I'll try to give a brief explanation of my current idea.

Like I said there will be three classes: the Soldier, the Assassin and the Sorcerer. I like to prevent things from being too complex and scattered, so I just stuck to three, keeping things cohesive.

..There will be multiple branches within these classes to offer players to customize their playstyle. For example, sorcerers could choose to become a pure magic attacker who, an arcane conjurer, uses warps to offer a very tactical approach to PVP and PVE, or a Muse, who boosts their alies in stats and heal s themselves or others.

Pat: This all sounds really inventive and unique. I personally like to play the healer myself.

What kind of items and / or equipment will Europa feature?

Vinka: Ah yes, weapons. We obviously won't have basic classic swords. We're gonna a wide range of equipable weapons (much like the kind you see on Zodiac and Graal Kingdoms), armors and spells.

[Whether or not] we're going to make the equipped armor visual is not clear yet, [because] I'm not sure whether I'm going to stick with classic bodies or not.

Pat: Well judging by what graphics I've seen so far, the weapons will be something to look at. Well, that's all of my time for now.

Is there anywhere we can look for future updates?

Vinka: Yes, right here. Here they can [view updates]:

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