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25 June 2011

Naithaniel of the Global News Team met up with the Owner, [email protected]!CK from sim-themed modern server Bellview for an interview about his new project.


Naithaniel: Let's get the ball rolling with the basics, what is the concept behind the server?

[email protected]!CK: The server is sims based, players will have hunger, bladder, energy and Hygiene to maintain.

Naithaniel: That certainly sounds intresting, it's something we haven't really seen indepth in Graal development circles as of yet.

[email protected]!CK: Here are some examples. If a player has not gotten enough sleep he or she will pass out and wake up at the hospital, if a player has not gotten a shower then he or she shall have flies buzzing around them, hunger is alike sleep, and bladder, there will be a puddle.

Naithaniel: He he. I like the idea a lot. So, will there be any effects to having good/bad hygiene other than flies following? For instance, will NPC not want to deal with you if you are too smelly?

[email protected]!CK: Per-say, we are still figuring things out with that one. However, you are giving us some great pointers!

Naithaniel: :D

[email protected]!CK: The thing that is different about Bellview, is the fact that there are no weapons (besides NPCs) whatsoever

Naithaniel: That is certainly something that would attract me to this game, some times you just want to hang out without fear of a uzi going off in your face.

[email protected]!CK: Only businesses, jobs, houses, events, friends etc, and fun!

[email protected]!CK: People often mistake Bellview as an "Era Clone", Graal needs a new server, something different and unheard of.

[email protected]!CK: Hence Bellview was born.

Naithaniel: I totally agree, there are too many servers branded as an Era Clone, it's nice to see you going your own way with things.

Naithaniel: Can I bring the subject back to hygiene for one second?

[email protected]!CK: Yes you may.

Naithaniel: One question: Are you not worried that maintaing hunger, bladder and energy will be a bit too "grindy" or is it balanced out nicely so it isn't too demanding to follow?

[email protected]!CK: I have often wonderd that myself Nathaniel, players will have PLENTY of time to maintain the "levels" (as I call them). They will decrease 20 percent every 20 minutes so players may have loads of time to interact and maintain such things. There will be a bathroom at every store and players can even shower with sinks/fountains if need be.

[email protected]!CK: That way, even starter players can have time to build there Bellview dream home.

Naithaniel: That's great to here. :)

[email protected]!CK: Thank you.

Naithaniel: Now you've touched on something there that intrests me. Creating a dream home, can you elaborate?

[email protected]!CK: Yes, players will be able to build up there dream home and purchase furniture from a furniture store (Which will also be player owned). Don't worry though, houses will start cheap and go up bit by bit, as the population will. Almost everything is player owned, that way we can have an economy.

Naithaniel: Sounds awesome, as a fan of the sims games one of my favourite aspects is always watching your house grow into something you can truely call your own.

[email protected]!CK: yes, that is how we will do it here.

Naithaniel: Now we've talked a little bit about personal hygiene, will you houses have a similar sort of thing going on? Like having to take out your bins, wash dished etc?

[email protected]!CK: Perhaps that is too much for players to maintain. then again. they may be able to hirea a nanny. We're still working on it Nathaniel.

Naithaniel: I'm sure you'll do whats best for the server and the players :)

Naithaniel: Earlier you touched on having a complete player-based economy. Certainly something that comes with it's fair share of difficulty but something that works a dream if properly implemented, what are your hopes for having such a system?

[email protected]!CK: I will explain. There will be at least 2 or 3 npc shops or businesses where players can start out by making money, no player will start out with a business, that is unfair. But if you work at a business or own one, you will make more money so it apeals to the players.

[email protected]!CK: so it appeals to the players more verses just doing the npc jobs

Naithaniel: It's nice to know that everyone starts on a level footing and has to earn there place in the community. And the harder working get rightly rewarded with better benifits.

[email protected]!CK: Definetly, I am through with corrupt servers, Bellview is 100% fair! (:

Naithaniel: :D Glad to hear and I'm sure the players will be too.

[email protected]!CK: Yes I sure hope they are happy with this new concept, Naithaniel.

Naithaniel: They will, very much so :)

[email protected]!CK: Well, thank you.

Naithaniel: Is there anything else you would like talk about?

[email protected]!CK: One more thing, unlike the "era clones" or era in general, the economy is not based on hats and they are completly free.

Naithaniel: Ha ha, nice dig at the competition.

Naithaniel: Oh, one more thing.

Naithaniel: Obviously this server isn't going to be all work and no play, there is a social side to things as well, what sort of things can we expect to do if we just want to relax and hang out with our mates?

[email protected]!CK: Well there will be npcs, parks, pools, and even celebrations of the seasons and carnivals! Many more but I guess you'll have to wait and see :P

Naithaniel: I can't wait :) It all sounds so intresting.

[email protected]!CK: Yes, it will be a lot of work, but I believe Bellview can mange!

[email protected]!CK: :)

Naithaniel: Well thank you for talking time to talk me and let the community know a bit more about what is going on here :) I look forward to seeing Bellview evolve into the server you want it to be.

[email protected]!CK: And thank you for your time, and the best wishes.

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