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This article is related to the Graal Online news. The latest news can be found on the News page, the login server of the graal client or on the Graal Online website and is managed and controlled by the Global News Team. If you need help with the news please visit the Graal News and the News Guidelines pages.

News Submissions

Did you know that it is possible to submit your own news to be shown on the Login Screen? Well, guess what? You can!

There is one basic requirements for creating a news story:

  • All you need is a GraalOnline Forums account. This is essential because, without it, you will be unable to log into the wiki. To log in, look at the tab on the left side of this screen. Midway down the tab, you will see the words Personal tools. If you look below this, you will see the words >> Log In. Click here and enter your GraalOnline Forums username and password.

Once you are logged in, you will be able to edit The Global News Page. You can edit that page just like you would any other page. After being approved by the Global News Team and Stefan, your article will be shown on the Login Screen. Note: When posting news for scheduled events, please do so at least two weeks before the event is scheduled to take place. We can usually approve much faster than this, but in some cases, it is just not possible for us. When editing the page, you should refer to the following page; it will help you with formatting your news correctly:

In addition, there are some further guidelines that you should follow when composing your story. They can be found here:

If you are unsure of how to edit the wiki, you should see the link below:

Getting Help

If you wish for assistance relating to GraalOnline News of any kind, you can contact the Global News Team. Contact information can be found within the link.

Tips For Getting Your News Published

Here are a few things you should consider while writing your news:

  • Because the news is official, it is essential that correct grammar is used throughout the entire post. Please do your best to use the important skills you learned in English Class!
  • Please refrain from posting news saying your server is hiring. A better alternative would be to posting an interesting story about your world, which would draw in a decent playercount, and displaying hiring information on the server, itself.
  • If your server is under developed, you will most likely not be permitted to post news for it. (A developed server is professional through displays, completeness, etc. and includes a place for players to hang out that gives a preview of the server's overall theme. The preview should not be just a single level; GMaps are preferable.
  • Bear in mind that we don't want the whole news to be full of posts describing new playerworlds. We also want news describing events on Classic, Hosted, and Gold servers.
  • The news will need to be cleared with the manager of the server. Keep this in mind.
  • News should not be used as a tool to bash other players. All news articles must be completely non-biased with no wording that demotes another user.
  • It's generally easy to tell when people post things just for the sake of doing it or out of boredom, so don't even bother going down that road.
  • You will probably want to use a nice looking logo. It should not be too large, but you don't want to make it microscopic either.
  • It is suggested that you create a user page that includes contact information so that other developers or staff members have easy means of contacting you. You can create this page by going to''your account'' You will then need to click create page and design the page however you see fit. (For example, if your account name was skillmaster19, you would go to
  • Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to publish and decline news as we see fit. If a news post is declined for a reason not shown on either this page, the guidelines page, or the Graal News page, the page(s) will be updated. Don't forget that, if declined, you can still have another chance; you will be informed of why your addition was declined and of ways that you can fix it.
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