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News Header

The first step in posting news is the format the header. The header is very important to display the date, title and template of the article on the login server. The examples below will explain how to put together the article header for news articles.

Article headers are split into 3 main parts. The date, title, and news template.

The date the article was posted.

 * '''April 1st'''

The title of the article.

 '''News Title'''

The template tag for the article. Currently three different templates are used for news articles. {{News/Playerworlds}}, {{News/Zone}}, and {{News/Graal_Kingdoms}}. The templates will display an image of a graal head, zone bike or graal kingdoms sword and shield on the news section on the login server.


Here is an example of a full news header. The header will display on the login server at the top left of the news article.

 * '''April 1st''' - '''News Title''' {{News/Playerworlds}}

Main Article

The main article can be written freely below the news header.

Uploading Images

To upload an image to be used within an article click on the Upload file link under the toolbox section of the graal bible or the link provided on this page.

The next step in uploading an image is to browse for the Source filename using the interface on the upload screen. The upload interface clearly explains how to upload an image to the graal bible.

When the image is uploaded you can display the image on the article by using this wiki code.


Example article

 * '''April 1st''' - '''News Example''' {{News/Playerworlds}}
This article is an example to show how to use the graal bible system to submit interesting news articles to the graalonline community displayed on the
login server of the graalonline client.

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