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  • April 16th - Maloria - Weathering the Storm


We, the Maloria team, have been working towards what can only be seen as one last push in an attempt to restore the server into it's former glory. If we will succeed or not is entirely up to the amount of dedication we put into our work, both now and in the future.

We have always had a very small and closed team, but now we're looking to expand upon it. As such, we're looking for people with that little bit extra. We value creative people that can really involve themself with the gameplay and come up with their own ideas on how to improve it. If you are able to recognize yourself in this and want to know more, come have a chat with us on the server!

Not only seasoned developers are welcome, but we are also interested in you rookie developers!

- Ziro, Manager of Maloria

  • April 8th - Graal Kingdoms - Easter 2012


For more information, check this forum thread.
  • April 2nd - Valikorlia - Finally back in Action


As many of you may know, Valikorlia is primarily a roleplaying server meaning combat is usually conducted using text, but not anymore! With the release of the new combat system players can now fight in open combat to either pass time with friends or enhance the RP experience of all players involved. The new combat system is intended to be fun and doesn't have any penalties for death or rewards for the winner.


In addition the fishing and mining have been re-implemented, get involved in these fun activities to relax from the role-playing experience and earn some coin to spend on new items and gear.


For further information regarding the new updates please use the links below:

  • April 1st - Era - COME PLAY ERA!

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