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  • October 31st - Happy Graaloween!

Happy Halloween on Graal! Many servers have prepared fun stuff for Halloween, be sure to check them out.

  • October 22nd - PWA is Hiring!

The Playerworld Administration Team, responsible for overseeing playerworlds on Graal, is looking for an additional team member.

Details for those interested in applying can be found on the forums

All applications must be received by December 20th, 2011.

Good luck!

  • October 18th - Maloria to Hosted!

May I draw your attention to the Hosted tab!

Since Maloria wasn't happy with the direction it was going while on Classic tab it has restructured and gone back to its roots in many areas of the server. While you will still be seeing many changes in its basic structure you can look forward to its historic rivalry amongst the 3 nations with "Nations War" events held weekly.

In the meantime you can hone your fighting skills killing monsters, doing quests and taking on bounties for those rare monsters that just might give you something special. Remember to level up so your health and stats grows and so you can get that gear you'll need for the player vs player competitions.

Please give Maloria a warm welcome back home and enjoy watching it grow.

  • October 15th - Era - Halloween Hat Competition


The guys at Era are kicking off the Halloween festivities with this rather exciting Halloween Hat Competition. Bringing the creative aspect of designing your own mask online so that when you make someone wet their pants at the very sight of the nightmarish mask you get a nice warm feeling inside knowing "I did that!" So, if you have an amazing idea for a Halloween hat or mask and want to brandish that idea for all to see then please! give it a go!

Deadline: October 20th

All entries must be in by then and will be entered into a poll to pick the 3 winners. Additionally, all hats judged to be good enough will available for players to purchase when they go on sale on October 28th and to congratulate those who have a hat chosen you will be rewarded with one free copy of your masterpiece!


  • Participants may enter up to two hats/masks
  • Hat/Mask must be of typical size as the hats you see on Era
  • Be careful of copy-infringements

For more information or if you have any questions you can click here for the forum page.

From Era Staff and the Global News Team, Good luck!

  • October 11th - Valikorlia


To say Valikorlia is a unique experience seems a bit cheap. Valikorlia is one of the longest-standing text role play communities on the Internet. It began as a server on classic Graal in 1999, and has persisted to this day due to an extremely dedicated community, and by cultivating the best talent Graal has to offer.

Image:ValikorliaNews11October2011 1.png

As a role playing server, Valikorlia gives players new and old alike a chance to experience the world of Kharlia from the standpoint of a Player Character. Consider Crono from Chrono Trigger, or Link from Zelda: you're not them, but you're directing them. You have direct control over how your Player Character (Completely of your own design) interacts with the environment. If you haven't role played before, our role play administration team will be happy to teach you the ins and outs of our server.

Image:ValikorliaNews11October2011 2.png

Valikorlia takes place in the persistent setting of Kharlia. Kharlia is a fantasy world populated by cunning rogues, fearless knights, wizards of unspeakable power, and the terrifying enemies that press them for dominance of the world. Player characters stand firm against the attacks of the Seven Sins, the fiendish hordes of Nuzalheim, and the ferocious armies of the Underdark, struggling valiantly to protect what they know and love...or, in the cases of players who want to be the villain, struggling to conquer what others know and love.

Regardless of whether you choose to play a hero or villain, the choice is always yours, and your character's actions could shape the world of Kharlia forever. What role will you play?

  • October 7th - Lexia

Image:Lexia titlepage.png

Lexia is a new, unique and wondrous server, full of excitement, curiosity and adventure! We have been open for 2 weeks now and we already have a tileset, a concept and an alluring story line to go with it! The server will be based mainly around adventures, quests and through a whole lot of good, hard work and you end up with Lexia! The story line will start you off on an airship traveling through Lexian space, fleeing from your old world destroyed by black magic. Your only hope for survival is to rebuild your empire on a new world called Lexia, and return to Laria to reclaim your planet and thrive once again. However, after the initial landing on Lexia hundereds of years ago you have forgotten the knowledge that your ancestors taught you. You must venture out on this courageous and spellbinding journey to reclaim what was once yours and boldly cement your name into history as the hero of the once proud and illustrious world you once called home.

  • October 2nd - Noctorious


Noctorious is a Modern styled world with a few RPG features, our main goal is to make the server as fun as possible for our players and always have new and exciting things for them to enjoy.

Over the past month we have been working hard on Noctorious and have added some essential features to enhance the game environment, these enhancements were put in place so that the players will always have something to do and enjoy. At the moment we have 6 playable jobs to choose from and over this next month seamless improvements will to made to the system to make each job uniquely enjoyable. Aside from the jobs we will have some of our old features like radio stations, apartments, tree houses, vehicles, and quests.

Be sure to check our Facebook page for future updates and staff hirings.

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