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  • May 28th - Graal Kingdoms - Spar Tournament


On Sunday, May 29th we will be bringing our very special days of events to an end, but I assure you we will be ending the festivities in spectacular fashion. Last Saturday was a huge success and we expect more of the same this Sunday. Headlining the day will be two events which you simple can't miss! Two massive spar tournaments are scheduled for the day with some very exceptional prizes. Our elusive Events Admin is being tight-lipped on the Magic Tournament but you can find out more about the Archery here. Including the rather remarkable prize that is up for grabs.

From the Global News Team, and Graal Kingdoms staff, Good luck! And have fun.

  • May 13th - Graal Kingdoms - Days of Events


On Saturday, May 21st and Sunday, May 29th, we will be hosting a range of exciting events with some extremely valuable prizes up for grabs. The events will vary from spars, to races. Musical Chairs, to Lucky Altars, so expect to see the return of some old favorites as well, as the debut of some new, original events. And best of all, the prizes are going to be bigger than ever.

The events will begin at 2:00 PM EST, and they will start to end by 5:00 PM EST.

You don't want to miss out on this very special occasion, so log onto Graal Kingdoms to take part in the festivities!

Note: for more information, click here.

  • May 8th - New PWAs Have Been Chosen

After a couple months of applications and hard decisions, two new PWAs, one, a returning member, and another, an experienced staff on Zodiac, are being added to the Playerworld Administration Team (or PWA for short). Congratulations to Bell and Sinkler! If you require any PWA needs in the future, don't be hesitant to contact them for help. (You can contact them through one of the following methods:)

If you see either of these new staff in game, be sure to congratulate them; they deserve it!

  • May 8th - Graal Kingdoms - Zormite Victorious!


At 2:00 Eastern time, two glorious kingdoms engaged in a battle like no over we've seen. Both sides fought valiantly, without mercy, and with a well driven desire to win. After a heated battle causing casualties on both sides, it looked like Samurai was going to come out on top having dealt critical amounts of damage to their opponents core. However, Zormite managed to regroup and launch a relentless attack on Samurai, and their victory proved that strong leadership and teamwork always prevails. With Zormite emerging victorious and Samurai liberated from a its tyrannical leader... who knows what will come of the once so powerful kingdom? All that is certain is that the kingdom is under Zormite's influence... at least for now.

  • May 8th - Graal Kingdoms - The War is on: Zormite vs. Samurai!


At 2:00 Eastern, on May 8, 2011, great battles will be fought between the people of Zormite and Samurai!

It is Zormite's belief that Samurai has been taunting them as of late, and now the two kingdoms are engulfed in war. Zormite is prepared to do whatever it takes to put a stop to Samurai, for they believe that their only goal is world domination and that they wish to be the only kingdom alive in the world. But Samurai knows deep in their hearts that they have nothing to worry about, for they will undoubtedly emerge victorious from the upcoming battle. But who will you support? Which side will you take? Log onto Graal Kingdoms to take part in the bloodbath that is sure to determine the fate of both kingdoms, as well as the rest of the server!

  • May 2nd - Looking To Better Your Scripting Skills?!

In an effort to create a fun, relaxing environment where Graalians can become a better scripter, papajchris, with the help of Chompy, is going to be organizing and conducting a free scripting group that will work together as they attempt to more knowledgeable with GraalScript2.

Next week, on May 9, the first class will take place. You, if you wish to participate, as well as at least 20 others will practice scripting with a specific assignment. At the end of the week, more experienced scripters will critique your scripts and answer your questions. As time goes on, different sub-groups may be created based on each user's abilities.

If you wish to participate, simply click here to fill out the submission form. (Be sure to include your email for contact information.) You can also view the Forum Post. In addition, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact papajchris at [email protected]. He looks forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

  • May 2nd - Noctorious Is Back!

Image:Noctorious newspost.jpg
Noctorious is a virtual modern city where you can do, well, pretty much anything!

Do you ever get tired of your real life? Or do you just want to take a step away from reality and do something, say, impossible or out-of-the-ordinary? Then look no further than Noctorious!

You can get together with some friends, gather up some weapons, and rob the bank! You can race around town at full speed in a nice, gleaming, new car! You can even team up with your buddies and go on a full-force zombie killing expedition. And then, after a long day of living the sweet life of Noctorious, you can take a break in your house or condo, and even sit back and run your own business!

With all that said, the possibilities are endless with Noctorious! Log on today, and see for yourself!

(For more information, please click here to view Noctorious's website!)

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