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  • March 29th - Suspicious Activity Detected on Unholy Nation


During a routine scan this evening, Graal Police on Unholy Nation intercepted a conversation between several unknown Graalians. Although they were breaking no rules, the content of their conversation implied that they may be "executing" a plan on March 31st at 8 PM.

We urge all members of Graal--those who play Unholy Nation as well as those who do not--to remain vigilant at 8 PM EST on Thursday, March 31st. We do not know what will happen at that time, but we assure you that the staff of Unholy Nation will do everything in their power to keep players safe.

  • March 24th - Zodiac 1v1 ZTT Tournament


The tournament has been postponed until this weekend. It will be held at 5PM EST on Saturday, March 26, 2011. The host of the tournament will be Pat (BigBear3). Calling will go out one hour before the start of the event.


  • First Place: 25 ZTTs.
  • Second Place: 15 ZTTs.
  • Third Place: 5 ZTTs.

Disallowed classes include: Druid, Freelance, Battlechanter, Priest and Paladin so prepare accordingly.

Good luck to all who enter.

  • March 20th - GraalOnline - Free to play on Facebook and V6 release announced

Graal Classic and Era (iPhone) are now moving to Facebook which will be fully available using Flash Player 10. The version is currently going through beta testing.

To find out more click here.

In addition the native V6 Graal Client is due to be released for Windows, Mac, and Linux in the first weeks of April with further news for an Android version later in the same month.

  • March 8th - Zone - Capture the Flag Update


The Capture the Flag planet on Zone has been updated with a new map! The updates include the downsizing of the map to provide faster and more intense matches with bases closer together. In addition the tiles have been changed to snow to match the popular Irica planet.

  • March 4th - Zone: Chat System


A new chat system has been released on Zone! The new system will enhance communication allowing players to hang out in the Zone Plaza room or create their own room to chat with friends and teammates during battles. The system is currently in version 1.1 and further updates are expected so stay tuned.

To enter the new chat system press Tab and Ctrl + C.

For more information click here.

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