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  • January 30th - Maloria goes Classic

Maloria has passed the Classic Inspection and is now available on the Playerworlds list. Start your Malorian Adventure today!

Join the Maloria community @

  • January 23rd - Atlantis - A sneak peak


I caught up with talented developing duo of Crow and Nitron from Atlantis to find more about what is going on behind the scenes to restore Atlantis to it's former glory. For the full Q&A click here. More information on Atlantis as well as any current and future updates can be found here.

  • January 16th - GraalOnline Era Skateboards


Sally's Skate shop is open for business with a range of board designs to choose from. Visit Sally's Skateboard shop east of the Mercy East Hospital to get your own board and hit the skatepark! Tear it up with a combination of grinds, kickflips and jumps to prove you can nail it with the best one them!

Related Article: Era iPhone is holding a picture contest giving you the chance to win a hat of your choice, click here for more information.

From Era iPhone Staff and the Global News Team, good luck!

  • January 14th - GraalOnline Era Free iPhone Version


The free version of GraalOnline Era on iPhone has just been released! Download

  • January 11th - Maloria

We have recently applied for a Classic Inspection, which we are hoping will end well. Before that though, we could *REALLY* use as much feedback and bug testing as possible. All suggestions will be considered by the staff team, and all bugs will be looked into and hopefully be fixed.

Both suggestions and bug reports should be posted at

-The Maloria Staff Team

  • January 9th - Zone - Updates


Planet Points

Planet Points are a new feature for the Iricia planet that awards players with points for participating in matches which can be used to obtain prizes. 10 for winning and 3 points for loosing a match.

Prize List

  • 50 points for 50 pipe bombs
  • 150 points for a Silencer (1 month)
  • 200 for 100 cakes
  • 300 for 100 gas grenades
  • 700 for Bluepistoles (2 weeks)
  • 1200 for Reapers (1 month)
  • 1750 for a Scifi Pistol (1 month)
  • 3000 for a BFG11 (permanent)
  • 3500 for redpistoles (3 months)

Profile Changes

Zone player profiles now lists the amount of remaining experience points to gain a rank.


The speed of rolling has been reduced by 65% to improve the balance of battles and make it easier to fight other players.

For more information on updates and changes please click here.

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