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  • September 7th - Maloria News


The time has come to choose the Kings/Queens for our nations:

Inuia - A land of the strongest casters. This nation is hardened by the harsh winter conditions of their homeland. Inuia has powerful ice magics at their disposal.

Tralitai - A warlike nation of great knights. This nation has impeccable smithing skills and is full of brave warriors who's sword skills are unmatched.

Nayfle - A nation of secretive forest dwellers. The wood of the Nayfle forests is supposedly the strongest on Maloria, and they have great bows because of this.

Each nation will have a King OR Queen chosen, and if they remain active either in-game or at least on our forums for the rest of our development time, they can be sure to keep their rank when we go Classic. Sounds interested? Make yourself seen in-game and tell us why YOU should be chosen on our forums!
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