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  • May 30th - Classic iPhone - Snowtown


After weeks of waiting for this update, Classic iPhone players can now enjoy this new town.

Snowtown is located at the North icy mountains. You must buy a lantern in order to go through the dark caves inside the mountain.

Come visit! If you don't have a snow hat you can buy one at "The Mad Hatter".


Click here to see a preview (YouTube)

  • May 20th - Delitto - A Modern Server

Delitto is a modern server in the making. As we continue our development, and our goal to be a public server, we are now hiring various different staff positions.


-Level Designers

-Gani Artists

Here's a few systems that Delitto intends to complete in the future, or is working on so, now.

- Achievement System

- Fun Event's

- Modern server

- Many jobs / Structured economy..

- Many different activities on server that we can do for fun.

Any questions regarding applying for the positions listed below should be sent to a Delitto staff member.

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