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  • March 27th - N-Pulse - Castle Battle


´╗┐Castle Battle is a new strategic One Vs One event between two castles pitting their armies against each other with the objective of destroying the opposite opponents castle. Buy powerful soldiers and deal devastating spells each round to deal colossal damage and destruction on the opposing armies castle to win the fight to the finish!

For more information click here.

Plans for a tournament will be announced soon.

  • March 24th - Era vs Unholy Nation: Clash of the Titans!


The clash of the titans. A battle of the very best. A tournament of colossal proportions. Era vs Unholy Nation.

From Monday, March 29th, leading up to the grand finale on Saturday, April 3rd, Era and Unholy Nation will clash in what can only be described as the greatest display of skill ever seen on Graal. A group of 12 players from each server (selected by server staff) will compete in events on both servers.

For more information and for a schedule of the events, see here.

  • March 24th - Playerworld Preview: Atrius

I'm sure you all know of Atrius, and if you don't well you have a lot to see! Atrius has three different armies to join Kruger Militia, USMC, and Soviet Empire as well as five businesses and forty four different guns to choose from including the P90, G36 and even a Tommy Gun! of course to buy these guns you'd need lots of money but with 6 money making methods that shouldn't be a problem at all.

The curent staff postions are open:

  • Levels Team
  • Gani Artists
  • Graphic Artists
  • Game Staff
  • Scripters

To read the full article click here.

  • March 15th - Graal Express


Hop on the Graal Express! This new server has classic-style PKing, sparring and events (with many unique events still being developed)!

This server is looking for all staff positions. Visit it today!

  • March 15th - Graal Kingdoms - Day of the Sun Event

On March 14th the brave warriors of Graal Kingdoms gathered together in the Misty Mug Tavern to discuss how to rid our kingdom of the terrible snowstorm that was plaguing. During the discussions, a wounded warrior entered the Tavern warning of an attack on Bomboria, the warriors quickly rushed out of the Tavern and quickly vanquished the mass of deadly skeletons and rexes.

During the battle, a map was discovered on the body of one of the skeletons which showed the location of the evil wizards hideout located on Crescent Isle, plans were quickly made and supplies were gathered for the long journey.

After sailing across the rough seas, we hit land and found the island to be swarmed with all sorts of deadly monsters. The battle was fierce and many warriors were wounded, but fought on until all of the monsters had been defeated. At this point, the hunt was on for the Winter Wizard.

During the search the Winter Wizard managed to charm a number of the heroes causing them to attack one another. The battle was fierce and some of the brave warriors died, but in the end the wizard was defeated and forced to remove the spell from Graal Kingdoms. The snow is melting and within a few days will be completely gone, and kingdoms can return to normal.

Thank you to everyone who participated.

At the end of the event, conqueror was awarded an Inferno Sword and mattdapimp will receive a sun shield.

  • March 7th - Unholy Nation - Calling all Guilds!

Are you in a guild looking to show your stuff? You'll sure be in luck this week! Graal's best will be gathering for Unholy Nation's first ever Guild Spar Tourney on Wednesday, March 10th at 6:30 PM EST. The winning guild will receive 25 EP and a statue in the Hall of Champions.

To enter, have a representative from your guild contact Allona either by PM or through Unholy Nation's new mail service (her account name is ohshutup55). Each guild team has only four players, so your guild can have a second team - but variety will make things more interesting!

So, do you think your guild can make it to the top? Sign up today if you've got what it takes.

  • March 6th - Graal Kingdoms - Day of the Sun Event


It has been a dark time in the land of Graal. The constant fierce blizzards covering the land and trees in a heavy layer of snow. Only the bravest of warriors are able to leave there homes and venture fourth into this arctic like temperatures and heavy winds.

This year the winter seasons has lasted far longer then normal. The citizens of Graal are beginning to starve with the lack of food and the inability to plant more in this hellacious weather. Even the hunters are unable to find food as the inedible Bomys move into the once safe town of Bomboria and begin killing off every wild animal they can find to feed themselves.

Stories of an very powerful wizard casting a ice storm spell over all of Graal kingdoms has been whispered between children, but as the months drag on the many of the adults and now even the king have come to believe these tales.

The King of Graal Kingdoms has issued a decree, asking for a group of the bravest warriors to venture fourth and find out what is causing this abnormal weather, and put a stop to it by any means necessary.

If you wish to participate in this event, please notify chaosorc either in game or though forum PM. The event will be held on Sunday March 14th at 21:00 server time.

For more details about the event click here

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