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  • June 26th - Zone - Event Weekend: 26th - 27th

Stay indoors this weekend, because Zone is having a big weekend full of Events! The prizes for these events will be Red Pistoles, Double Shots and more. There will be a total of eight big events, four on each day, and while you wait there will be races and other fun events (I heard there will be big prizes randomly hosted).


See you there!

  • June 20th - Era - Fort Knox

A new store, Fort Knox, has opened on Era with guns such as the MP44, USAS12, and the HK416. Fort Knox also operates a pawn shop business and will buy back your guns and items. Log on and see it today!

  • June 16th - Unholy Nation - Achievement System

Unholy Nation has just released a brand new Achievement System! With this system players are able to earn achievements for all things challenging or random on Unholy Nation. These achievements include easter eggs, exploration, skillful item use, sparring, events, and much much more. Come on down and try your luck at mastering some of the many achievements available!

Image: Achievements1.png
  • June 16th - Graal Kingdoms - Harold's Family Jewels


On Thursday, June 17th, A famous gem collector, known all over the land, will be visiting the island of Graal Kingdoms. Harold The Sedulously seeks refined gems of astonishing beauty. A man of limitless wealth, there are great rumours about Harold's spending - which knows next to no limits. Harold is seeking gems of forgotten beauty. While Harold is visiting he can be found at the Bomboria pub, if you want to try your luck and earn a pretty penny... bring you best gems!

Event start: 7PM Servertime

Announcements ingame at random times after 7PM servetime.

The collector will be available 5-10 minutes after each announcement

He will exchange:

  • 1 Diamond of great value to 10 Diamonds
  • 1 Ruby of great value to 10 Rubys
  • 1 Emerald of great value to 5 Rubys or 5 Sapphires
  • 1 Sapphire of great value to 10 Sapphires

(1 of each kind per person per announcement)

... until he reached his expenditure limit for his visit.

  • June 4th - Las Touris - Modern with a Twist

Las Touris is a modern server under heavy development with the ambition to create a fun environment for both gold an trial players. We have already made a start on the development of many quests and plan to have a working business system in the near future.

We are currently looking for Level Designers, Scripts and Graphics Artists to advance with the project.

All questions should be directed to iSlayer or a Las Touris staff member.

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