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  • July 30th - Ruins - Preview

Ruins will be opening for one day on Wednesday the 4th of August! The preview will show the starting stages of the playerworld including the first island and character customisation. Will you be there to discover what this mysterious playerworld has to offer?

To join the discussion click here.


  • July 30th - Zone - Death Race

This Wednesday there will be a dangerous race on the planet KOTH. Many obstacles will prevent you to get to the finish, you might even die. But if you find yourself victorious on this race you will earn a big prize.


Also, from July 30 to August 5 the Events Team will be hosting several events as well. Check out the schedule!

  • July 23rd - Etria

Etria is a classic server that plans to offer many things such as classes and other interesting features. We already have events, over 10 quests, multiple islands, and many shops featuring interesting abilities and weapons. We constantly work to improve the server to meet higher expectations. We are currently working on classes and are hiring Scripters, graphic artists and sound effects. Please contact Derlink/Darlink or iRule to ask for these positions. As well you can go to our website at

  • July 21nd - Graal Urban

Graal Urban is a modern themed server that plans to offer many of the same features as other modern servers. Development of the main systems are going strong with a full functioning events, guns, mining, finishing and gang systems. Plans for new systems such as quests and player owned businesses are already under development.

Graal Urban is looking for Scripters, Graphic and Gani Artists, as well as Sound Effects.

  • July 12th - Graal Express

Graal Express is back with a new Staff Team. This time Graal Express features events, Weapons, and shops.

In the future there will be a recording studio/radio station where you will be able to save your music and listen to recordings. Also an island conquering system is being developed at the moment.

Have a Great Day at Graal Express and Enjoy :)


  • July 4th - Mafia Life

Mafia Life is a 1930s style server with a Mafia theme. You can start as a street gangster and climb all the way to the respected "Don" of a family. The server features shooting style combat with old fashioned guns.

Guilds on this server will be Mafia Family-styled. Like the Mafia in the 1930s, you will be able to collect from store owners and residents on your street.

ML also includes party quests. Like "crime organization" there will be quests you can only do with your family. An example of a crime organization is robbing a bank.

Any comments or ideas? Here is the forum post.

Interview with the owner of Mafia Life


  • July 4th - Era - 4th of July

Log on Era starting 6:00 PM EST on July 4th to celebrate the holiday weekend with sparklers, firecrackers, fireworks, and more! New items have been added to the Gelat shop and trial players can play with less interruptions.

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