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  • February 26th - Vega United


Zombies? Monsters? Guns? Survival?! It's all in Vega United. This new server is looking for all development positions to complete its creation.

For contact information and discussion please visit this thread

  • February 22nd - Era: A Call to Battle

We hereby challenge, you, Unholy Nation, to a battle which we feel you can't possible win: a battle to decide the best Graal server, involving events on both UN and Era.

We don't expect you to accept, of course, being a group of chickens.


  • February 21st - Classic iPhone - Guilds


Players of the Classic iPhone server can now join or create their own guilds! With over 2300 guilds currently at war the system is proving to be a huge success, but which of the guilds will stand the test of time?

Creating a new guild only costs 2000 gralats, and to simply join one you can visit the new guild section of the in-game menu.

Click here for more details.

  • February 15th - Valikorlia Cumulative News

Valikorlia has made excellent progress over the past few months. Thanks to Dylan (loneangelibesu), Valikorlia has an operational crafting system. Along with the crafting system, Zectra has created a fully customizable pet system.

Once the template is finished, players will be able to create their own personal pet images. These pets do more than follow you around, because there are options to have your pet follow you, stay put, and scavenge. Scavenging is the most useful function of a pet. In scavenging, each pet has its own unique item list and it searches randomly for these items. While scavenging is extremely useful, the pet system will be functional as a job in the future. Keep tuned in by playing Valikorlia!

For more information about Valikorlia you can also check out the website

  • February 15th - Classic iPhone - Player Houses


Player owned houses are now available on the Graal Classic iPhone server. With this update you will be able to get your own house and buy furniture for it! There are three furniture stores, which are located at Onnet, Swamptown and North Graal city. To get this update you must have already bought Classic+ or the inside app update from the first version.

We hope you enjoy the houses. If you have an iPhone or iPod touch then download GraalOnline Classic now.

  • February 5th - Account Lock

The account lock by computer is enabled again. It is encouraged that users enable this protection for better security.

For more information see the the forums.

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