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  • August 30th - Graal Kingdoms - Bow Battle Tournament


The Bow Battle Tournament will be held on Sunday the 5th of September at 6:00 Eastern time. The Tournament will consist of three events. Kill the rats, Kill Mr. Speed, and finally a bow spar.

Note: This will be a team event and will require two people per team.

for more information click here.

  • August 29th - Graal Kingdoms - Triathlon


The Triathlon went off to a great start with the horse race as the first event. The route started at Santerrain and continued to Harmonia, Bomboria, Hirathia, and ended in Tanarthia. The kart race start the start on the kart track and continued to Cove Town and finally the boat race which started in Bomboria waters to the Crescent Pirates Island and back.

Congratulations to IXIs_Last_Stand who came in first place overall with 26 potions earning him the reward of Gloves of the Archer. Deas_Voice and Andre2006 came in second place scoring 14 points, and cyan3 in third scoring 12 points.

  • August 29th - Ruins - Opening


Hello folks, I'm happy to announce you that Ruins will be ready to open on the 16th of September with plenty of things for you to do! The server will be ready to show the first island called Seawind, featuring 2 cities and a dungeon. You will also be able to explore some places, fight a couple of baddies, complete quests and discover what Ruins is all about!

Be Ready! -Soala

  • August 25th - Graal Kingdoms - Triathlon


The Graal Kingdoms Triathlon will be held on Sunday the 29th of August at 6:00 BST (approximately 5:45pm server time). The prize for this event is also a confirmed rare item. The Triathlon will consist of the three following events: Horse Race, Kart Race, and finally a Boat Race.

Note: Participants will need a horse to be able to take part in this event.

To enter the event either send a forum pm to MajinDragon or reply to the forum thread.

  • August 19th - Graal Online RSS Feed

Don't forget to subscribe to the Graal Online RSS feed to keep up to date with the Graal news, events and activities.

RSS feed

  • August 19th - Graal Kingdoms - Skeleton Ambush


Scouts on the outskirts of Graal Kingdoms report that a massive skeleton formation has planned a large-scaled attack. Graal Kingdoms civil population are scared, and cower in fear towards their approach. The arrival is estimated on Saturday the 21. August at about 9 PM Server Time.

Be prepared for a bloody and rough battle!

Event Information:

Starts 21. August 9PM Servertime

During the event, there will be unique vouchers dropped. Inside the voucher you will find a unique code, that gives these lucky persons the chance to invade the Skeletons hideout.

The Invasion towards the skeletons hideout will be hosted on the same day at 10PM servertime.

click here for more information.

  • August 16th - Graal Kingdoms - Soccer Tournament


The Graal Kingdoms Soccer Tournament went off to a great start with five team battling to win the grand prize. Team The Red Fury scored the most points in the opening stages of the tournament and were automatically entered into the final, while the teams Panzer Squad and KittyMexicanBirdZalinto faced off in the semi-finals to progress to the final. Upon winning the semi-finals KittyMexicanBirdZalinto faced The Red Fury in the final but struggled to concede a goal against The Red Fury leaving the final score 3 - 0 to The Red Fury. The first place prize for the winning team were 2 Red Dragon Amulet Fragments and Blue Dragon Amulet Fragment, one for each member of the team.

The Red Fury

  • MajinDragon
  • Craigus


  • supaman771
  • DRAGON551
  • dark_zeratul101
  • August 8th - Graal Kingdoms - 3 vs 3 Soccer Tournament


A 3 vs 3 Soccer Tournament is taking place on Sunday the 15th of August at 5pm Eastern Time (10pm BST). To enter either send a forum pm to BigBear3 or contact him in-game with a team name and a list of members on the team.

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