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  • April 26th - N-Pulse: Rebirth (Alpha Testing)

In June, N-Pulse Administration we will be ready for Alpha Testing N-Pulse: Rebirth. The Alpha Test will consist of non-staff of N-Pulse and will allow a select group of players be the first to test out the new implementation. For those who don't know, Alpha Testing is pre-beta testing, which basically means we still have things in development but the main core systems are completed and ready to be tested. Levels and graphics will still be under construction, but that's the point of alpha, to get the systems tested, and not to have everything ready like it would be in beta.

N-Pulse Developers hope to gain enough information to improve project ideas, improve completed projects and/or systems, and to let GraalOnline and it's community know that N-Pulse: Rebirth , will be complete !

  • April 22nd - Account Security and Support

This is a warning for members of the Graal community. Recently there have been fake e-mails sent out requesting passwords to retain accounts. The Graalonline staff will not ask you for your password so you may keep your account.

In order to assist with support please e-mail [email protected] for player related issues and [email protected] for accounts related issues.


-Graal Online Management

  • April 19th - Classic iPhone - Onnet Forest

Image:ClassiciPhoneNews19April2010.png Image:ClassiciPhoneNews19April20102.png

The Graal Police have finished their investigation at the Onnet Forest reports of seeing a "Witch" of sorts have been unconfirmed, so we urge you to use caution when entering the forest. Do not travel alone!

We don't have any more pictures because we couldn't go any further in the forest!

  • April 11th - Atrius - Updates

Atrius has had exceptional progress over the past month as a preview server and has applied to become a hosted server! Some, but not all, of the progress has been the new leveling system, quests, and bosses.

The dynamic leveling system uses points to improve statistics such as vitality (health), energy (food), strength (melee power), and accuracy (damage on gun). Information on the leveling system can be viewed when your press the S button in the upper lefthand corner of your screen.

The next important update is quests. You can view the quests you are on by pressing the Q button in the upper lefthand corner of your screen. By completing a quest you can gain experience. Beware though, because the quests are beginning to incorporate bosses. These bosses will be difficult to defeat, but there is wonderful news! Atrius is planning to create a clan system and this system will be used with the existing quest system to give Atrius a more team-friendly attitude. These quests also differeniate from quests on other servers because you are able to use guns to complete the quests. This provides an entirely new and unique avenue to questing that should be enjoyable for all! On top of all of this, 2-3 shops are being released as well!


  • April 4th - Graal Kingdoms - Easter

Come join us on Graal Kingdoms for Easter events and special prizes!


You can visit the Easter Dungeon on the southern tip of Hotaru Island, or go grab some free prizes from the gift shop on Events Island!

  • April 4th - Era - Golden Egg Hunt


Join us on Era starting noon on Easter Sunday and ending Monday night in a search for the elusive golden eggs! The winners of the event will receive some special prizes.

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