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  • October 31st - Zone Halloween

Zone has released the flashpistol on Zone to trials and gold players. The flashpistol shoots Halloween bats and was created by Codein and we adjusted the power and freezetime slightly. For those of you familiar with the gravitron, the weapon is quite similar to that in terms of the spread of bullets. Hallogrenades and greengrenades have been released, as well as the pumpkinrifle, and ghostrifle.
Halloween effects have been added to all dropships, and the effects were minimized on the spar dropship to avoid disrupting gameplay.

  • October 27th - Unholy Nations Halloween 2009!


Happy Graaloween!

Unholy Nation is proud to announce the opening of the Halloween themed town, Evenvale, for an entire week.

Starting on October 30th, the town will open up shy north of Tumantra (at the south eastern part of the overworld).

In the town will be the winning hats from the hat competition, fun events, shops, and much more. Come on and join in the festivities.

You know you want to. ~Unholy Nation, Staff team

  • October 24th - N-Pulse Halloween 2009!


This year's Halloween on N-Pulse is filled with fun events, new toys and NPCs, and some awesome prizes. Over the days leading up to Halloween, look forward to PK festivals, pumpkin hunts, costume contests, and more! Visit here to find more information and get in on the Halloween fun!

  • October 18th - Zodiac Halloween 2009!

The Zodiac staff team always tries to celebrate important holidays, but this year the Zodiac staff have created one of the biggest halloween updates in the past few years. New Halloween weapons and dungeons have been created and on top of that, a new race has been created as well.


The dungeons will be open until Thanksgiving (November 26th) and the new weapons will drop in those dungeons. In addition to the race and dungeons, there will also be events held on Halloween. The events will be during the day and night of Halloween and will feature the winnings pumpkins from the graphics competition.

  • October 17th - Era's Graaloween 2009!

Carve out your pumpkins and toss 'em on your head, because Graaloween has come to Era!

Over the next few days and weeks leading up to Halloween, we'll be holding events and releasing some new and fun prizes for this season! We've also switched over to the autumn tileset and trees, which is a nice change in scenery after a long summer.

For more information, see the forum post!

  • October 6th - Playerworld Previews - October


As October begins the playerworld preview is refreshed with two new servers to explore.


Graal Ghetto is a modern style server that offers many of the features and system you'd expect from a modern server, however they are in need of Graal Animation staff as well as staff in other areas to help with the project.


Zenox is an rpg style server with a unique style of graphics and tiles. Development on the main systems are going strong with monsters that use path finding and a fully functional party and movement system. Zenox is in need for Levels Designers, Graphic Artists and Graal Animation staff to help the project.

If you think your server is ready for Novembers preview please contact the Playerworld Administration Team through the support center or for more information on playerworld previews click here. The discussion for Octobers preview can be found on the Graal Communication Center here.

  • October 3rd - Era Gang Wars


On Saturday, October 3rd, gangs on Era competed with eachother for bragging rights and ECs. The gangs (Black Holst, Blazian Bandits, Los Carteles, and Tachi) competed in a King of the Hill event to decide who would face off in the final Team Deathmatch event. Los Carteles won the KoTH with 1000 points, and Blazian Bandits came in second with approximately 850 points.

LC and BB finished off with a Team Deathmatch event, of which Blazian Bandits was the victor. Congratulations to all of Era's gangs for their participation on this event, and we look forward to hosting more of the same events soon.

  • October 1st - Era Gang Event


On Saturday, October 3rd at approximately 4:30 PM EST, Era will hold a series of gang events involving all four of Era's gangs: Black Holst, Los Carteles, Tachi, and Blazian Bandits.

Events will range from King of the Hill to Team Deathmatch, so, gang leaders, come prepared!

Note that gangs will need at least 8 members online in order to participate.

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