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  • November 26th - Graal Kingdoms - Winter Is Here!


  • November 24th - Graal Kingdoms - Triathlon


The Graal Kingdoms triathlon will be held on Sunday, the 29th of November at 22:00 Server-time. If you wish to join the triathlon, please post your graal account name in this thread or send a forum pm to smokeraider. Triathlon will consist of three different races over the course of event including kart race, horse race, and a boat race. For more information about this event click here.

  • November 13th - Unholy Nations - Voting House

The new voting house has been introduced to the Town Center! The voting house will be used to gather statistics on developmental and other general subjects related to Unholy Nations and will assist staff members to collect player opinions to help aid development and progress on the server. Remember, without you, the polls are nothing! So vote!

  • November 1st - Preview: Graal Legacy

Graal Legacy has become the preview server for the month of November. Along with the friendly staff, there are challenging quests, fun NPCs, and very fun events on this Classic style server. Another interesting part of this server is the plan for a guild island. The guild island will be based around only guilds and this will strengthen the strong sense of community. Graal Legacy has also released Halloween effects, such as falling leaves and the staff are planning for Thanksgiving too!
Graal Legacy is also hoping to hire all forms of development staff such as scripters, graphics artists, level artists, animations artists, and sound effects staff members.

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