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  • May 30th - Quizzing Graal Kingdoms


On Saturday, May 30th, Drakeero will be hosting a special quiz for Graal Kingdoms. This is a pattern guessing quiz and everyone gets a chance to win. If you're good, you can even win more then once. The patterns will start off easy and then get more difficult as the day progresses. At the end there will be a grand prize for whoever can guess the hardest pattern of them all.

  • May 27st - Picture Perfect on Graal Kingdoms


Over the weekend players were busy posing for the picture perfect moment! The event consisted of several teams of players taking pictures of every day activities on Graal Kingdoms. The team with the best picture won some diamonds and other prizes.

Make sure you're on this weekend to be a part of the action!

  • May 24th - Black and White Graals


Classic is pleased to announce the release of the Black and White Graals. Long thought to just be a folk legend passed down from player to player, these mysterious artefacts are steeped in magical power. The Black Graal grants its owner an unlimited supply of ammo; the white Graal blesses it's owner with the ability to heal any wounds, bypassing any healing restrictions. Be warned though that there is only one of each Graal available; if you want them, you'll have to hunt down and kill the existing owners.

Happy hunting.

  • May 21st - Mr Guess Visits Graal Kingdoms


A mystical wizard named Mr Guess is visiting Graal Kingdoms for a few days to play his favourite game. He can be found on the main islands including the start and Hotaru islands waiting for brave adventurers to track him down. Once found Mr Guess will give you 3 chances to guess his number between 1 and 200 before he inconveniently teleports to a new location. Those lucky enough to guess successfully will receive a reward and be entered into a special event for the chance to win a rare item after Mr Guess has departed from Graal Kingdoms.

Good Luck!

  • May 17th - Recent Updates on Maloria

Recent Updates:

  • Main Island has gotten a huge facelift, and it's not long until the entire island will have gotten a whole new look while sticking to the original layout of it.
  • A lot of graphics have been improved, and there's more to come of it!
  • Rain, Snow and Thunder effects have all been fixed up and had their lag issues fixed. (apparently it's not a good idea to constantly stack emitter modifiers!)
  • Wind has existed in the background a long time, but it has now gotten a visual effect to increase the effect of weather.
  • Weather in general has had a revamp to behave more realisticly.
  • Torches and leaves are affected by wind. Torches are also affected by rain.
  • Player data storage have been converted from .arc files to SQLite database.
  • Skill system has been completed, players can now properly add skill points upon level up.
  • Boats are finished, you can currently rent them south of main house. Two players can use the same boat at once.
  • Respawn system have been added, you now spawn at the nearest respawn point instead of spawning at the main house.
  • Crafting have been somewhat completed, yet to be implemented though.

We would be able to produce a lot more gameplay content, but we're in desperate need of someone capable of creating quality ganis, as we currently have no one on the team who feel capable of doing them.

We could also very much use another level creater, but it's not as vital for our progress.

  • May 16th - Graal Kingdoms Event


On Sunday around 2:00 EST a big sparring event called the Triple Bash will be held.

The triple bash tournament has been popular in the past and challenges the combatants to exceed in the three areas of melee, magic, and ranged.

This event is obviously more fun with alot of people so make sure you at least come by to check it out.

If enough people show up, it will be a tournament with ladder like progression and mini-prizes for each round you advance through until the prizes for each event.

  • May 12th - Graal Ghetto Returns

The modern themed server known as Graal Ghetto is making a gracious return, bringing back its old popular elements and a few new ones too! With its businesses, player houses, gang warfare, and huge selection of guns and melee weapons, there is a lot of engaging content for you to explore. Being a private server however it is still heavily under development, but there's already a budding community so come by and check it out for yourself!

If you're interested in helping develop the server, contact Shadow the Manager or any of the administrators for further information.


  • May 10th - Zone Updates

In addition to new hairs and bodies added to the outfit terminals, new events team commands were added which allow for new types of events.

An example of one of the new types of events is when the first person to achieve 25 kills on Iricia wins a prize. Bigtime008 was the winner of the first of many of these events.

On top of all of that, a new part of the news system was created and added today! The news system now displays who has gotten the most kills within the last hour.

  • May 5th - Something Fishy At Seaport

This Saturday (May 9th), @ 6:30 PM (EST), Unholy Nation will be releasing the first of Seaport's brand new content. Stop by to pick up your fishing rod to try your angling luck at the brand new job system. Also, check out the Aquarium while you're in town! All will be located in Seaport, and information will be given on the NPC-Server message.

Be sure to get your fish donated to the Aquarium if you like it enough! Leave your mark on the server!

  • May 5th - Zone News System Updates

A new feature to the Zone news system was added this week. The new feature lists upcoming events and the new system will be updated each week with the new events.


As can be seen in the screenshot, there is a snowrace event occuring on Zone. The event started on April 30th and will continue, as of May 5th, for the next 16 days. The snowrace events that are used for this event are the ones hosted by Jkool666 only. The prizes available will be the winner's choice of redpistole and additional prizes, bluepistole and additional prizes, or pipebombs and money.

  • May 3rd - Kingdoms: Challenge of the Lights


To celebrate the start of May and its burst of spring color, the symbolic Challenge of the Lights was introduced.

Amidst brightly colored flames, teams assembled to carry a pair of lit torches through waves of monsters.

Each team consisted of two torch bearers and two bodyguards. One torch was blue, and one torch was red. As the teams fought their way through the monsters and completed [or failed] one by one the server became lit blue and red.

At the very end, came the epic victory of two torch-holders who struck down a wave of demons and cyclopes even after their body guards had fallen.

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