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  • March 29th - Bringing music to the city


Bring music to the city with the introduction of 21 new muscial instruments! The instruments can be purchased with event coins at the new music store.

To celebrate the release of the instruments a concert will be held on Sunday the 29th at 3PM Eastern Time. Take a break from mindless violence and joy-riding. Listen to a variety of different songs played by a selection of skilled musicians.

  • March 28th - Maloria, A glimpse through the keyhole

Many may remember Maloria as the dominant classic RPG server before it was closed for redevelopment. Maloria has improved many of its systems and game content for the users to enjoy.

The overworld is being revamped to improve the detail and quality of the levels while keeping the same geographical layout of islands that were all used from the good old days. But that's not all; plans for new islands to be implemented into the expanding overworld is one of many big changes to expect. It's safe to say that you will not be disappointed with the final result.

Image:MaloriaNews Overworld.png

The shopping interfaces have been improved to be user friendly with clear and simple GUI. The interface has five easy to use tabs to direct you to the inventory for that respected tab. Each weapon, piece of armour and potion displays an informative range of statistics to aid you in buying the perfect item for whatever you need.

Image:MaloriaNews Shopping.png

The events system is automated to host regular events that are usually hosted by events staff, with a wide range of prizes to be won. It will provide players with a chance to practice for when the dedicated events staff host their frequent events.

The mining system has been improved for a richer experience. Materials can be obtained by using a pick axe to break open rocks and then using the pan in the water in the usual fashion. There is now an additional option to refine these materials using a furnace.

Image:MaloriaNews Maining.png

Dungeon bosses such as the giant turtle use deadly melee and magic attacks to deal great damage to foes. The addition of these new monsters will promote group hunting. The idea of bringing down large creatures with your party of fellow adventurers has got to be interesting.

Image:MaloriaNews Boss.png

Various different spells have been revisited and freshened up with exciting new graphics and ganis to make the spells look better than ever.

A new quest system has been implemented with a clear list of active quests and descriptions of the quest objectives.

Image:MaloriaNews Questlog.png

Nation warfare has been developed with the addition of siege equipment to improve player vs player combat with destructible nation castles.

  • March 21st - CastleWars on N-Pulse

N-Pulse is currently having a weekly Castle War event. The Castle Wars events are similiar to a guild war, and the goal is to determine the best guild.

The Castle War event will be held weekly on Wednesdays between 7-8 PM EST (12-1AM GMT, and 0:00-1:00 server time). The Castle War events will also be hosted randomly during the week, so guilds be prepared! Prizes are also awarded.

  • March 14th - Zone News Window

Zone Staff added the news window to allow for players to keep track of what happens on Zone! The news window opens on login and the news window also opens when clicking on News in the upper right corner of the stat display. Currently the news window logs event messages, race results, deathmatch winners, kills, purchases and medals. You can either watch the important or all messages, it will display the 25 most recent news. Ideas to extend this feature are welcome!


  • March 14th - Kart Race Tournament


After 2 hours and 30 minutes, we finally had the winners from the Graal Kingdoms Kart Race Tournament!


1) Jcs1919 won the Elven Boots and 5 event coins

2) Alex51 won 3 event coins

3) CriticalError won 1 event coin

Jcs1919 also did the best run with 48.46 seconds!

  • March 10th - N-Pulse Rebirth

N-Pulse is continuing in it's development of N-Pulse Rebirth.

What is Rebirth? To be exact, N-Pulse Rebirth is going to be an RPG-themed server, and we actually mean that. You will have to complete tasks in order to advance through the world, instead of just s-key mashing (in other words, hitting your attack-button constantly). It may require thinking, or it may require fighting. You also don't pick a class, but rather you can choose in which areas you'd like to level up in. We have our own staff-team specific for the Rebirth development, called "Operations".

We, the Operations Team, are in need of the following:

  • Concept Design - you need to be able to write stories and the concept to the game.
  • Graphics Design - you will need to be able to create items, icons, weapons, etc.
  • Levels Design - you must be able to work with our custom tiles and know how to work with GMaps, inside and outside levels, and a bit of level-scripting.
  • Programming Design - you must be able to create systems, fix bugs in previous scripts, and works with an MUD.
  • Special Effects - you must either be able to make Ganis of swords/items/monsters interacting and/or make sounds of things you'd see in an RPG (swords clashing, swinging, etc.)

If you'd like to help with the Rebirth project and join the Operations team, feel free to log on N-Pulse and speak with a Chief of Operations or one of the Operation's Branch Captains.

For more info, please see the official GraalOnline hiring thread.

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