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  • June 30th - Rum Runner!


It is a dark day indeed on Graal Kingdoms. The mighty rum reserves have dried up and even the bottom of the barrel is getting parched.

It's up to the hardworking, honest citizens of the Crescent Pirates to ship more, life giving alcoholic ambrosia to the Misty Mug Tavern before anyone suffers from being sober.

This will be a multi-way ship fight on Sunday, July 5th, 22:20ish server time or about 1:00 PM EST. It's been done once before and this time the rules are revised to make the entire event more fun and less one-sided.

Players can choose their own teams between 2 and 4 people each. One team will be designated the "Rum Runner" team and will be given a unique name barrel to put in the hold of their ship. With handicaps, they need to sail from Crescent Pirate island to the docks outside of Misty Mug tavern without being either sunk, or having their rum stolen. All the other teams try to steal it without sinking the Rum Ship.

On Wednesday a detailed list of rules will be posted on the forums. Please read them if you are interested. This event is complicated and takes a lot of effort to try to make it fair for everyone.

  • June 23rd - Triple Bash Spar Tournament


Come take part in the GK's Triple Bash Spar Tournament. There will be three consecutive spars. One melee, one magic, and one ranged.

These three fights will be taking place Saturday, June 27th. It will start early in the afternoon EST time.

If you're unable to take part, at least cheer on your buddies. Because the melee and magic spars are paired up by level and overall capability, most participants can expect a chance to advance through at least one spar. Make sure you show up on time though. Setting up pairs is difficult and the later you are, the more likely you are to get mismatched, if you can get matched at all.

The winner of the melee tournament will receive a Flaming Ice Dagger. The winners of the magic and ranged tournaments will receive the expected event coins, plural. There will be bonus prizes for winning each battle to make it more fair for everyone.

  • June 22nd - Dementia: The Daemen Are Coming

Image:Dementia 22june2009.png

Dementia is a new server being developed with a unique concept lead by Tiders the Owner and the Lead Developer R0bin. The server has many interesting features that are currently in development such as the statistics and experience systems which is almost complete and ready for release with battling system in major redevelopment due to be released with a fully operational interface. Dementia is planned lightly on the GBA Pokemon games with a large amount of graphics for Daemen, the servers version of Pokemon. These Daemen were created by the Graphics Admin Seph and the hard working Graphics Team with a wide range of graphics and styles for the Daemen.

Dementia is looking for Levels Artists, Scripters, Graphics Artists, Sound Effects and Gani Artisits to help with the project.

Please contact Tiders on [email protected] or find him in game.

  • June 21st - Delteria - A link to the Past


Fire up the Wayback Machine, because while you're waiting for the new Delteria Project you can log onto the current server to get a taste of what the server used to be like! The old world map has been restored, bringing its old events, weapons and arenas with it. To play on the old Delteria just fire your 'Timewarp' weapon and you'll go straight back in time.

Keep an eye out for further updates on the development project in the future.

  • June 14th - Unholy Nation Receives Horses


Unholy Nation has received an update of horses being re-added to the server, as well as enabling pause again on the overworld. See you at the town barn!

  • June 13th - Zone Updates

Zone has been updated today to prevent against base laming and to make game play more interesting. On Iricia, if your base is under attack you now will spawn randomly on your team's side of the map. The change to make game play more interesting was to show how much health is taken when you attack an opponent and how much experience you gain when you kill someone.


  • June 3rd - Spawn


A few days ago, Nat had an interview with Mog about Spawn, here's how it went.

Nat: Good Morning Mog. I'm going to ask you some questions about the hosted Playerworld of Spawn. Have in mind that this conversation will be posted on the Graal News.

Mog: ok

Nat: What is your Staff position at Spawn?

Mog: developer

Nat: Ok. Tell me about the beggining, what were the first ideas you had to make this playerworld?

Mog: the server was already on hosted status before I came onboard. Considering the fact that I am banned everwhere else, I had nowhere to go except underdeveloped playerworlds and two of the hosted servers. When I logged into Spawn one day, I was asked if I wanted to help out. Eventually, I accepted and started right in finishing up scripting projects and working on new ones. Spawn is meant to be a futuristic city with high-tech weapons and vehicles. Newer ideas are being implemented and I am currently working on a few projects there.


Nat: Intresting, so what is the current status towards being able to join the Classic Tab? How is the relation with the PWA?

Mog: I would to say that the current state of what Spawn is at now, was mainly due to hard work and dedication. With all of our hard working busy staff on the server now, it could take some time before something like going to Classic status would be realized. As far as the relations with PWA's, we have represented ourselves professionally and show a great deal of commitment, otherwise we wouldn't have made it to hosted status in the first place.

Nat: Looks like the wind is in your favor. Now tell me exactly what can we see on Spawn? Wich is the content?

Mog: Spawn in general is undergoing some major changes. Currently, I am the only active scripter on the server capable enough to do what it is we need to have done. As a developer, I have implemented a few of my own ideas to build right into the heart of Spawn. Some of these new ideas implemented by me, unfortunately can't be shared at this time publicly; however at the current state of what Spawn is in now, we have a huge overworld, which can be fully explored. There's also a few misc. shops around, some mini quests and my favorite, whack a mole.

Nat: Yeah, I've played that =P. We can certianly expect more similar quests and alot of new content, I support your work :). Thanks Alot for your time Mog.

Mog: You can certainly expect lots of updates coming soon. Thank you for your time

  • June 1st - Atrius: World At War


It's time for war on Atrius, and it's up to you to decide which side you're fighting for. With seven different classes (Infantry, Gunner, Medic, Scout, Demo Expert, Tank Operator, and Pilot) each having their own special abilities, you're sure to make a unique difference for the side you pick. The server is currently under development, but is on the Hosted Tab so you can check it out.

There is currently an open discussion on the forums regarding the server, click here for more information.

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