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  • July 31st - Graal Kingdoms Derby


This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the first ever Graal Kingdoms Derby will be hosted! Over the course of these three days two horse races will be hosted per day, each race will consist of five laps around the track on events island. The first three across the finish line will receive ranking points for the race, First place, fifteen points, second place ten points, and third place five points. At the conclusion of the weekend's races the points will be added up and a winner will be crowned!

Also we will be accepting bets on each race, the money will be put into a cumulative pot, the pot will be divided up among the those who chose the winner correctly. Also, there will be a one time only chance, at the begining of the first race, to place bets on who sweeps the series! 10% of the bets from each single race will be added to the final pot and the winners will take home quite a jackpot!

The first race will be held at 21:00 GMT each day and the second at 23:00 GMT each day.

  • July 23rd - Zone Updates


As the image made by our GFX staff shows, Zone has had a large set of updates today.

- A new Iricia base selection system has been added which allows you to choose a base to spawn to. You can spawn to any base that your team currently controls.

- In addition to the base selection system, a focus system has been implemented on the sparring planet. The system makes it easier to focus on certain parts of the sparring planet.

- The last update (and the largest one) is the new squads system. The squads system allows players to create squards or join their friends' squads (much like guilds). Squads can also participate in certain events together.

All throughout this weekend, there will be events on Zone. A special event will be held on Saturday at 12:00 EST (17:15 server time) by Donark for a twinblade.

  • July 21st - Account Security

Anyone who has recently used illegal third-party software such as trainers, hacks, or bots on GraalOnline have put their computer and personal security at risk. Some of these programs may contain keyloggers or botnet clients used to access your GraalOnline account. We would like to stress that this threat will compromise computer and personal security not just GraalOnline accounts and you should take security measures to solve the problem. For more information [Click here].

  • July 19th - AEON - Opan Beta Application


We've been making some great progress on AEON over the last few weeks, and we are pleased to announce that our modern world, Opan, is ready for a closed beta test. At this time we have already issued invitations to some of our longtime players to test Opan, but we are still looking for more testers. Trial and classic accounts are more than welcome to apply, since we would also like feedback from non-gold players

The application for beta tester can be found here. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Napo (*napo_p2p) or Hatred (*Hatred89). We hope to see some of you on soon!

-AEON Management

  • July 19th - Graal Kingdoms - Dustari Challenge


Dear King Craigus Eldridge of Dustari

We, The Pirates of the Crescent Isle, challenge Dustari to a core battle on Sunday the 19th of July 2009 at 21:00 GMT on Graal Kingdoms. Awaiting confirmation from King Craigus before proceeding.

Thank you


Retired Governor Felix Lionheart of the Crescent Pirates

  • July 15th - Dementia mining!


We now have a basic mining system and a mineral shop in the west to sell your stones to. Everybody starts with the pick axe, and minerals are all around the outside of OSL. Also, we have a simple little hat shop where you can spend the hard earned gold you have just made.


Come check it out, and contact Latte by [email protected] or online if you are interested in a developer job.

  • July 14th - Zodiac V2 Updates and New Tutorial!

Image:ZodiacV2img.PNG Zodiac's Staff are currently working on the next version, so far they're completing the base of the Server, including systems such as the Inventory (Q), Status (W), Equipment (R), Basic PvP Combat, a New Boat System, and much more!

When the base is complete they will begin announcing new planned features, and look to the community for talented Level Makers, and Graphic designers to help make Zodiac V2 shine! To keep in touch with Zodiac's V2 updates Click Here!

Also, a new Tutorial has been released. "This is our first step in making Zodiac more newbie-friendly, as it teaches a couple fundamentals of Graal and Zodiac. Most of which should come naturally after button-mashing for menus but it's all nice, spelled out and mandatory." Said Jerret, a developer of Zodiac.

  • July 13th - Dementia Needs Help!


Dementia has been completely rebuilt. Currently we have a few levels, a few NPC, and some graphics. We plan to build a real time battle system, with custom stats, magic, weapons, wild enemies you can capture, and so much more! Check us out! Contact Latte if you are interested in a staff position, either in game, or by e-mail, [email protected] We are not yet hiring FAQs, GPs, or Events team yet, so please be patient!

  • July 9th - Delteria Spar Tournament

Delteria's overworld and kitcsh returned along with the (DST) Delterian Spar Tournament. Each Wednesday night, starting at 11 PM EST, the DST will be held. Winners of the tournament will receive a statue in the Delterian Spar Complex. Of the over 50 players online, 34 players participated and only one won the tournament. Congratulations to Chance Mercy (Veracity) for victory in the tournament on Wednesday!


Along the side of the Delterian Spar Tournament, the Delterian Tag Team Spar Tournament is planning to make a return. The Delterian Tag Team Spar Tournament will begin at 11 PM EST on Monday the 13th of July. The first calls for the event will begin at 10:45 PM EST. Good luck to the teams that participate!

  • July 9th - Graal Kingdoms - Monster Siege Part 1


There's a letter. It was dropped by a Skelly. Hm... it's pretty garbled and torn up. Only one thing can be made out from the mess, "... we will attack..."

Sounds ominous enough doesn't it? We need adventurers to strike out and slay monsters by the ton. We need to discover what their plans are. Where are they going to attack, what are they going to do?

This Sunday at around 5:00 server time I should have an idea on where there are some monsters hiding out. If you're there I'll send you off to recover more plans. Each piece you bring back will win you an event coin. Maybe then we'll learn what they're doing.

  • July 7th - Graal Kingdoms - Quarter 3


Quarter 3 has arrived on Graal Kingdoms. Find more information here.

  • July 6th - Noctorious Beta


Noctorious is a modern themed server with many of the same features you'd expect from a modern server, however the the staff team has paid great attention to detail brining a unique style of design to the server. The public beta testing is from Monday the 6th until Monday the 13th of July giving a glimpse of what's to come.

Notorious is looking for Scripters, Level, Graphic, and Gani Artists to help with the development project. For more details [Click here].


  • July 5th - Unholy Nation Pets!

Hi guys! Sunday at 5:00 PM EST we will be having an open beta testing of the newest system on it's way to Unholy Nation. We have been slaving over it for two weeks, and are excited to get the final product public! You guessed right, it's the future pet system!


Just be ready to log onto Unholy Dev and have fun. The main objective is to evaluate the stress this system will have on the server when we have a large group of players using it at a time. There will be a thread on our own UN forums system (and the GraalOnline forums) for your opinion of the system.

Keep in mind this is the beta! So what you're seeing isn't the finished product. Thanks!

~Streety/UN Team

  • July 4th - Zone 4th of July

Thanks to the Zone staff for the 4th of July updates. Flags were added to the bases, cookies were temporarily enabled with a limit of two, and the jetpack flames were changed to be red, white, and blue. Thanks in particular to Minomato and Novice for their contributions to allow these updates to happen. More updates will come soon! Have a happy 4th of July!


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