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  • January 29th - Classic Update


Over the last few months work has been made towards subtle updates to improve playability of the server in the long run.

The first main example of this is the new Hit Detection, which is Clientside, as opposed to the Serverside Hit Detection which had been used since after Classic got an NPCserver. The difference is that the previous HD caused players from the opposite side of the Atlantic to where the Server is hosted or from other locations around the world to be at a disadvantage, supposedly being able to be hit from a long distance away, whereas the new HD ensures attackers must be close to you on your own screen in order for you to be hit, to put it simply. There is also the option of being able to spar/pk within special rooms that use the default Graal movement + HD.

The second main example would be the new Map System. This is aimed to help players that are new to Graal or the server to find their way around more easily. If you've ever attempted to quest on the server but have been confused as to where to go next, icons will be marked at locations depending on your quest progress. Locations containing obtainable items of interest are also marked on the Map regardless of progress. Any future releases can be added to this easily.

Our plan has always been to salvage the best content from Graal the Adventure and to build new content around it with the original Graal feel while keeping newbie-friendly, although we realise it is just as important for there to be recyclable content that can be played constantly around the clock. In order to accomplish both of these goals we feel the Dev Team requires a shake-up and so we'd like to invite anyone interested in working for the server to apply with our new application, which can be found at -

Good luck to all of those that apply.


  • January 22nd - AEON Comming to an end!


So the long expected wait of AEON's re-release of the modern world is almost here but we are in desperate need of staff to finish. Also Elan is almost complete aswell and once Opan is finished we will then re-apply for the classic tab.

So listed below are the developer positions that are open and needed. Everything is open except for NAT at the moment:

  • LATs (Both Classic and Modern LATs[[1]]
  • GATs[[2]]
  • Gani Team[[3]]
  • SFXs, Talk to HL or SwedishKing.

If you have any questions please PM SwedishKing or Hatred/HL on AEON. You can also find us on GraalForums, or on our forum: [4]

  • January 10th - Classic's Monthly Spar Tournament

A new year brings a fresh start--the first monthly spar tournament of 2009! Laura (xnervNATx) takes home the champion belt this time around, beating Shiden Kotetzu in the last round. Let's hope his New Year's resolution wasn't to win.

Don't forget to stop by on February 14th for what is bound to be our most romantic monthly spar tournament yet!

  • January 10th - Azure Skies underway!

Azure Skies! (Formerly called Silence)


Sailing the skies, pillaging enemies, advancing through the ranks in your crew/flag and taking control over whole islands! Cool, eh?

  • We're under way with absolutely everything that needs doing, including bar levels and SFX.
    • Think you can level/sfx? Then hop on to Azure Skies and see if it's the place for you!
  • We're also in need of some extra GATs to push along creation of certain aspects, such as swords and boats (both large and small).
    • If you feel up to the challenge, by all means come give us a look.
  • Even if you don't have any development skills, come along and see the server thrive. We're adding new things for players to do while you wait for the grand opening, so why not hop on board (Geddit?) and check us out for yourself!

-Jamie (Co Manager)

  • January 6th - New Year for Unholy Nation


  • Unholy Nation is currently under going a lot of changes. Our new manager Streety is offering a more interactive experience for Graalians. A lot of our staff members have been hard at work, creating some hot new features to make your gameplay more fashionable.
  • Ronnie, our Guild Admin, has put together a spectacular local guild engine to make your guild gameplay experience convenient and fun. By joining local guilds, you'll get the benefit of using a chat-system to communicate leisurely with your guild mates. It's got a pretty user-friendly interface and is definitely worth a passing glance.
  • Unholy Nation now offers server-wide PKing. Anything goes when the PKing on the overworld.
  • Unholy Radio is under a new radio server, with a new Head DJ (Thanks Wreckage!). Time slots and hirings for DJs are still underway, if you're interested. Head over to the server, and keep your eyes peeled.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM our friendly staff. They'd be more than delighted to help you. U.N.

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