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  • February 28th - Unholy Nation: CS


Unholy Nation is in the middle of a long-term developmental projects. We're going to be releasing some small term activities for the players to interact with while it's being worked on. Come on and check them out:


  • We'll be hosting a level competition that will go hand-in-hand with the "re-stock" of the hat shop. Come around to get details.
  • "CS" - CS is an old gun game customized to UN is brought back with new levels, arenas and style of game play. Check it out north of Town Center in the Auction house's old building
  • Swear filter is now toggle-able. It was a controversial subject, and if you don't mind seeing the swears you can toggle it on or off accordingly.
  • Seaport is the long term dev project that was never finished. We plan on finishing it soon for release, it will incorporate a new quest for you all to play though. We're going to take a different approach, however.

  • February 16th - Maloria Valentine Special


We on Maloria will be releasing yet another very limited, and permanent, item in the shape of the Cupid's Bow! Along with it, you'll also receive 500x Cupid's Arrow. How to get it!? Just log on player! This offer is limited to February 22th.

During the next couple of days, the events system should be up and running, which means we'll try it out and possible give out some other misc. novelty items that will never be given out again.

We are also getting closer and closer to applying for a Classic inspection, however, the remaining work isn't some of the funniest things to work at. We're at a complete halt until we're able to find two/three dedicated and talented LAT's, that would be interested in tiling the sewer dungeon with our custom tiles.

So, if you're interested, please get in contact with Nate (bioboi) or Ziro (xXziroXx).


  • February 14th - Ardeo is Hiring!


Ardeo is in need of a few staff members to get us towards the next step in development! Do you want to be part of a close-knit team of inspired workers, and do you have an ambition to complete a server?

Ardeo will eventually have a multitude of things to do, including: -Jobs -Sailing & Piracy -Trading with a real economy -Wars & conquerors. -Two different fighting systems -Dungeons And a lot of diverse areas and races to choose from.

So contact Pimmeh over the forums, or email him at [email protected]

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