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  • December 24th - Graal Kingdoms - Happy Holidays


Join us on Graal Kingdoms for fun festive prizes and events during this holiday season. More information here.

  • December 22nd - N-Pulse - Christmas Quest


On the 22nd of December, N-Pulse are holding a Christmas quest. The quest is set with challenaging puzzles complete and enemies to defeat. Brave adventures attempting this qest will not go unrewarded with a special Chirstmas item for those lucky enough to servive!

  • December 19th - Zodiac - Christmas 2009


Zodiac Halloween of 2009 was a great turnout and it was a special moment for the server itself. Now that Halloween has ended we are now moving on to the greatest of all Holidays, Christmas! We have released many Christmas weapons through bushes that drop presents. In those presents there are chances to gain Christmas Weapons of every class. We also have mounts ready for this wonderful Holiday, those will be released within this upcoming week through event giveaways! I hope you guys enjoy, it sure was fun making Christmas here on Zodiac!

-thanks, Zodiac Staff

  • December 18th - Graal Classic on iPhone App Store

Image:IPhone News Image.png

From the makers of Graal came a new release yesterday; a special treat for iPod Touch/iPhone owners! Classic Graal for the iPhone is now available in the iTunes App Store for free!

The first release includes the classic player-killing style of sword work, bombs blowing and arrow shooting. If you're lucky enough to have an iPod Touch or iPhone, check it out today! More will be in store for the future.


For more information, visit this thread.

To view the application on the iTunes App Store, click here.

  • December 13th - Unholy Nation - Holiday Events


Unholy Nation is planning to release a handful of events for the Holidays. From skiing, to present exchange, you can expect a fun time.

The winter tileset has also been enabled, and pretty snowflakes are falling from the sky. Enjoy! ~UN Staff

  • December 3rd - Preview: Armageddon

Armageddon is the preview server for December. It is a classic server that has the goal of bringing back good, classic fun to graal, along with new things. Guild events, Solo events, and quests are the main focus on this server. The server is looking to hire people for most of the development areas including a Graphics Artist, Graal Animator, Level Designer, and Scripter. to Apply for a position please contact either Decus or Cyril, or visit the Armageddon website here.

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