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  • August 30th - Zenox Updates


The unique classic styled server, Zenox, is progressing quickly. Of the completed systems, the item system's inventory is complete. The inventory is fast and unlimited, and the SQL item database is working well! The item database works by allowing for a weapon to be dropped by dragging the item in the inventory to the place on the ground you wish to lay it down.

Not only are just the inventory systems and multiple events complete, but the mining system, and buying and selling system is finished too. The buying and selling system allows you to buy and sell items by dragging the item you wish to buy or sell to the appropriate image. If you wish to buy an item, you have to grab the item or click the image of the item you wish to buy.

The custom baddy system is working well. The baddies can steal items from players, if the player has enough of an item. If more than one player fights a monster, the experience is given based upon the damage dealt by each player. There is also a drop rate of the items a baddy can drop.

Zenox is also searching for level artists, graphics artist, and animation artists to help complete the server. If you are interested, please speak to an administrator of Zenox.

  • August 30th - Zenkou Awakens


Zenkou has taken the initiative and gone forth to materialize some of the most interesting ideas on Graal. Currently visible are the Graphical User Interface (GUI), originally scripted in GS1 before the release of Graal 3 and the use of GuiControls. It is unique in that it snaps to objects, is draggable, and acted like windows in a window, before it was so easily done. The soon-to-come GUI v4 will be scripted in it entirety in GS2 and will use the new engine to its full potential in making a complex script, as one might imagine it might be, into something more functional and compact.

Zenkou is proud to present its up-and-coming attraction, simply referred to as "the battle system." It is a turn-based system resembling that of Final Fantasy, and employs an algorithm in determining the order on a basis of speed. The system is functional and is in the final development stages before being released into the public.

A very interesting aspect of the game is the ability to change one's outfit using the Outfit tool, which allows you to preview, save, and delete any outfit that one might want to use. The server does not use the old characteristic-changing method found in other servers' "Taylor" systems, but rather displays it graphically. Mouse-Control.

Zenkou is revolutionary in that most of the server can be controlled by mouse click-and-drag. There is not a server out there that can brag the same mouse-control as Zenkou.

  • August 30th - N-Pulse New Content Development


For those of you who are unaware, we are still at work on an expansion of N-Pulse called N-Pulse Rebirth, which has long been under development and is finally nearing time for the initial stages of closed beta testing. To prepare for this we have moved all of the Rebirth content from our Debug server to our Main server. Though it has not been released publicly, we will be gradually working to finalize what we need to begin actual testing.

Over the next couple weeks, as more and more content is finalized and ready for closed beta, we will be doing testing with a group of closed beta testers. Those who will be in this group are yet to be determined. If you are interested in testing contact any of our management for information on how to apply.

As we prepare for this stage of development we are looking to hire a few more developers to help. If you feel that you are capable of producing high-quality content, and are active enough to participate in our development, you may apply for any of these positions:

  • Scripters (2 positions available)
  • Level Designer (1 position available)
  • Graphic Designers (2 positions available)
  • Effects (Includes Audio, Particle Engine, and Graal animation; 2 positions available)

Lastly, our forum is still active! Register today and beat the high arcade scores, or claim achievements which can help you in-game. Subscriptions are available for the latest N-Pulse information, and your own guild page on the site! Visit

For any further information on any of this; you may contact in-game or by e-mail:

-N-Pulse Staff

  • August 30th - Graal Kingdoms Magic Spar


The fighters have had their day and now it is time for a new type of warrior to enter the ring. It is time for something bigger, more powerful, and more flashy. It is a time for magic.

Mages will come from across the land to compete for the prize in a magic spar that's been designed to test one's skills and strategies.

The denizens of the land are invited to come and take part or to spectate this event. Show up and watch the fireworks fly as we see who really knows how to wield magic. Bring your appropriate gear to the battle on Sunday, at 6:00 EST.

  • August 27th - Graal Kingdoms Soccer Match - Dustari Vs Crescent Pirates


Dustari got off to a quick start by scoring 3 unanswered goals within the first 4 minutes of the match. The Crescent Pirates battled back with a flurry of goals to win the first half 6:5. Dustari got off to another flying start in the second half scoring 4 goal in quick succession despite the Crescent Pirate attack managing to bring the game to a close 12:10, Dustari managed to catch another 2 goals to ruin any chance of a come back. The final score for the match was 14:10 to Dustari.

  • August 22nd - Graal Kingdoms - Spar Tournament


This Saturday comes one of the best events in the Kingdoms. A good old fashioned sparring tournament. This Saturday at 6:00 PM EST people will gather from all the islands to pit their strength and skill against one another in a brutal fight for a great prize.

  • August 17th - Era Support Center

Era's staff team have released a new in-game Support Center! This is to resolve the complaints of the unanswered PMs, problems unsolved, etc. This will hopefully help ensure that questions directed towards staff members are answered quickly.

Along with the support center comes the removal of FAQs, and the switch from GP to Player Relations staff. You can contact the Player Relations team for both FAQ and police-related problems. The reason for the switch is because they will be doing more than just "police" work, and "Player Relations" is much easier to identify as someone who is there to help than "GP".

To open the Support Center click F11 on your keyboard and this box will appear.


You can report any GP related information but you can also report things such as.

  • Bug reports
  • Complaints about staff or development
  • Ideas and suggestions
  • Problems with gangs/businesses
  • Any other problem that requires real attention
  • FAQ

Discussion about this new Support Center is here.

  • August 16th - Atrius News

After a long journey, Atrius is preparing for an even larger step. Atrius plans to apply for Classic and would love support from the community. Many new exciting features have been added, and a few of these ideas include armies, helicopters and tanks. Other interesting additions are businesses and the release of over 25 weapons, 30 new outfits, and 10 new events.


We hope you will enjoy our work, but the only way to enjoy our work is by checking Atrius out. Atrius isn't done, since the journey from hosted to classic isn't easy. Atrius also is looking to hire one scripter, two graphic artists, two level designers, and two Graal animation artists. If you are interested in applying, please speak to TheJames (Manager). We hope to see you on Atrius, and hope to have your support with our classic venture!

-Atrius Staff Team

  • August 16th - Era - Battle of the Bands II


Now the third time you've seen this stage on the news, by now you know there's only one thing that can be happening: Era's hosting another Battle of the Bands! On Sunday, August 16th at 3:00 PM EST, the Comic Club will play host to a contest of rock 'n roll skill, the likes of which have been seen only once before. Free admittance will be granted to those arriving before 3:00, so be sure you're in and seated early! Players can begin signing up near the event house, renting instruments at the Comic Club, and rocking out in the practice rooms immediately!

  • August 15th - Graal Kingdoms Monster Siege: Skeleton Crew


The monsters have lost their riches and are now angry for revenge. Spies have detected several ships flying the Jolly Roger approaching the Crescent Pirates. The bad news is these aren't pirates. The ships are manned by skeletons, and lots of them. Ghost ships if you will.

They'll be in pirate waters Saturday at 5:00 PM EST, 6:30 if there's bad weather. Skilled adventurers will be need to sail the seas and intercept these ships while the less experienced guard the shores against the few that make it through.

Sinking these ships are a bad idea. These skeletons are -supposed- to be highly trained but they don't seem to have been using their training brutals. There should still be several of them lying around in the holds.

  • August 9th - New Zone Outfits


New heads and bodies have been added to the Zone outfit selectors. Along with the new heads and bodies, we are announcing an event for this coming weekend! Saturday, August 15th, there will be an event hosted by MagikMasterMind. More information about the event will be posted during the week in this thread.

  • August 7th - Graal Kingdoms Monster Siege: The Wealthy Dungeons


Not very many people know what's going on. Monsters are amassing for a series of gigantic attacks. They are tired of being kicked around. They long for the days when the meteor first crashed and they chased the kingdoms off to their puny islands. Now they seek to bring the war to them.

The preparations have been kept secret, out of public eye. Only a few adventurers have been enlisted to help learn of their plans, but now they move in larger forces and the prizes of victory are on the rise.

Even monsters need wealth to fund a war. It's been discovered where they're keeping the treasury. Now everyone who's interested is enlisted in the war effort to raise up arms and strike them where it hurts. Be there on Saturday, August 8th at 5:00 PM EST.

  • August 3rd - Zodiac V2 Updates


Zodiac's staff team is still working hard. The version 2 updates are showing excellent progress and the server is continually improving. Not only have the new item system and quest system been completed, but the game formulas have been modified to be easier to understand and the Prestiege classes have been removed. Equipment slots have been added and improvements have been made to Zodiac's core systems. Another notable change is the new image for the HUD, and, of course, the new graphical interfaces for many of the core system scripts, such as Trade, Shops, etc. More information about the Zodiac V2 progress can be found on the forums.

  • August 2nd - Graal Kingdoms Derby - The Final


The final of the 2009 Graal Kingdoms Derby was a success with many of the people taking part having great fun but especially for the three winners. Storm Leonhart blow away the competition racking up 80 points over the 6 races with Craigus close behind gaining 40 points. The third place goes to Felix Lionheart with only 30 points gained.

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