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  • April 29th - Era Battle of the Bands


Log on Era now and see "Chedda Cheez", the Comic Club rock star, to sign your Era band up for Battle of the Bands, which will take place on Sunday, May 3rd at approximately 3 PM EST. For more information [Click here].

  • April 28th - Zone Updates

Zone has released many new hair styles, as well as new bodies. Each day one or two new styles will be released, including new clothing, hairs and faces. You can expect plenty more from Zone in the next few weeks! Keep playing Graal Zone!


  • April 20th - N-Pulse Website

Image:Np forumlogo.png

N-Pulse has released a Website and Forums ! These forums are constantly being improved so be sure to register and keep up to date.

News and released information regarding N-Pulse Rebirth will be posted here, along with Development and non-development staff positions. If you'd like to apply, you must first register!

-N-Pulse Staff Team

  • April 19th - Graal Kingdoms Final Easter Attack!

On Saturday and Sunday Graal Kingdoms was attacked by Sack Rabbits! They dropped an assortment of candies and other immaculate confections with which you could trade in for a grand prize. Events administrators will be spawning the sack rabbits around Graal Kingdoms until Wednesday. If you collect and trade ten different colored chocolate rabbits to the events administrators, you will receive a special prize.


  • April 15th - Classic Card Game Released

Now you can explore a whole new dimension to the world of Graal Classic, with its latest Trading Card Game release! Having over 100 unique cards to collect, it is a game that requires the use of all of your strategic skills; from engaging in a duel with other players, to creating individual decks of cards collected from Booster Packs.

Players who visit the Card House located to the left of Graal Castle will receive a basic deck, a card album, and a game manual. From then on you've got the tools necessary to fight against other players, and the additional table rooms are provided for you to challenge each other. Be sure to check it out!


For additional information visit [click here.]

  • April 12th - Graal Kingdoms Easter!


Today Santa, disguised as the Easter Bunny, visited Graal Kingdoms. He is dropping egg-shaped gifts all around the main map. Some of the gifts he is dropping are very rare gifts that will only be around for a limited time, and also some other smaller surprises. The Easter Dungeon has returned by popular demand, but with a face lift, including new tiles, new light effects and aesthetics, as well as rebalanced monsters.

Come try your luck with the giant Easter eggs or just try to catch the Easter Bunny and get your prize today!

Happy Easter!

  • April 11th - Zone Easter 2009

Image:Zone easter 2009.png

Zone wishes everybody a happy easter with the return of the easter bunnies to Iricia. These can be killed with melee weapons to obtain special eggs with gifts inside, but beware the bunnies will fight back. If you plan on hunting rabbit it's best to fight in groups. The carrot dagger and easter eggs are now available from the zone traders that can be purchased with zone money.

  • April 11th - N-Pulse Easter 2009

4pm est - Easter Costume Contest! Create your best outfit that captures the theme and celebration of Easter! In order to win your outfit must be original and be easily recognized as an Easter themed outfit. Three players will win wonderful prizes! 1st Place - Rare Ribbon (choice of any Rare NPC) 2nd Place - Prize Ticket (choice of any ET Prize) 3rd Place - 50 Event Coins

6pm est - Easter Egg Hunt! N-Pulse Management will hide Easter eggs all over the OW and it is your job to find and collect the eggs! Each egg will either contain a certain amount of gralat, event coins, or even an NPC! You don't want to miss out on this exciting event..and who knows..? You might just end up obtaining a rare NPC from one of the eggs! Note: eggs will not be located within inside levels, only outside on the overworld.

8pm est - Easter Event Marathon! Flamerus, the N-Pulse Event Chief, will be hosting a marathon of events. If a player wins three events in a row, they will win either a Rare Ribbon or a Prize Ticket based on the number of players participating in the event marathon. 10 players or less = Prize Ticket 11 players or more = Rare Ribbon

Hope you can join us for Easter fun!

  • April 6th - Easter on Classic

Easter is just around the corner, and with that comes the Annual Egg Hunt on Classic! Every five minutes an egg is dropped somewhere on the overworld and your task is to bundle up as many as you can. The person that collects the most eggs will win special prizes, such as a rare Easter card for the up and coming card game, and a shiny Golden Egg Trophy!

The Deadline of this event will be next Monday, April 13 at 12am EST. To view the current progress on the hunt, type /egghunt in game.


Good Luck and happy hunting!

  • April 4th - Graal Kingdoms Quarter 2 Updates


Graal Kingdoms Quarter 2 kicked off with a bang on April 1st with a prank on the players, seemingly resetting the server. Several updates have come once a day and updates will continue to be made up until Easter.

One of the most notable updates to Graal Kingdoms is the fact that Observer Mode has been removed. There is a level cap instead now.

Several other improvements have been made to the system and we have prepared Graal Kingdoms for some nice future updates.

To find out more information about Quarter 2 updates, [click here.]

  • April 1st - April fools kicked off on Graal Online

Surely you'd think server staff won't play jokes will they?

The best and scariest joke of the day was played on Graal Kingdoms. Characters appeared to be reset with all items, statistics and levels gone. Needless to say the joke shocked most of the Graal Kingdoms players.

Another not so scary but more fun joke was played. Era turned into a classic themed server complete with the classic style sword system enabled for the whole day.

Until next year the jokes are over.

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