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  • October 31st - Graal Kingdoms Halloween Masks

Scary Graaloween! A demon pumpkin has been seen in Bomboria, he is killing players who don't wear a mask. The masks can be produced in Harmonia. If you stand in front of the demon pumpkin and the demon is attacking then you might absorb the evil spirit and your mask is transformed into a better one. Read the text on the masks to get the full story.

There are also 3 special masks for VIP players only.

Thanks to Alarid for drawing the graphics.

  • October 29th - Zone: Ghost Rifle and Pumpkin Rifle

Ghost Rifle and Pumpkin Rifles are available in the shops! They are only for sell over halloween, so get them now! They shoot ghosts and pumpkins using plasma ammo and cost $3000 and $5000. Thanks to Sayian and Draenin for drawing the graphics.


  • October 28th - Graal Kingdoms Halloween

Halloween started on Graal Kingdoms: bats and pumpkins have invaded the islands and give nice items for players who are capable to kill them before they send you to doom. There will be several events where pumpkin lords are joining the battle. We also prepare something special, stay tuned.

  • October 28th - Zone Halloween

If you want to celebrate halloween on Zone, you can buy green and orange pumpkin grenades in the shops! You can keep them as long as you want, but they will only be available in the shops for one week.

  • October 27th - Zodiac

Class Updates: Dark Knight can now learn Blind, Sleep, Shadowguard, Scythe Mastery, Shadow Swipe, Grim Reaper, Nightmare, and Absorb. Level 50 players with atleast 20 Dark Knight can now access Dark Knight class mastery points.

  • October 24th - Zodiac

Class Updates: Ninja can now learn Seal of Fire, Earth, and Water. Ranger can now learn Volley. Level 50 players with atleast 20 Ninja can now access Ninja class mastery points. Level 50 players with atleast 20 Ranger can now access Ranger class mastery points.

  • October 22nd - Endora is BACK!!

Believe it or not it is back, with better nats and more creative ideas, We are currently hiring only Graphics designers and Non-playable characters (NPC) designers, we are looking for talent and lots of it, if you are new to your field, please do not apply. Compose an email to my address if any questions or if applying at [email protected] Thank you. -Nutos

  • October 21st - Graal Kingdoms Throwing Bombs

When cannonballs are on fire you can pick them up and throw them at monsters or at your enemy. Also throwing pots and snowballs has been fixed.

  • October 15th - Zodiac

Class Updates: Druid can now learn Regenerate. Druid's Sunlight has been changed to a level 20 spell. Those who have already learned it will not lose it.

  • October 7th - Graal Kingdoms Bombs

Cannonballs work as regular bombs now, you can lit them using a torch which is on fire to bomb up monsters or your enemy! They might also be used in future quests and puzzles.

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