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  • May 28th - Esteria Systems nearly done!

The Menu, Item, HP and Weapon systems are done! All that has to be made now is a spell system and overworld, which will be done quite soon we hope.

  • May 27th - Graal Kingdoms House Lights

The windows of houses are lighten when someone is inside the house, so it's easier to find other people in the towns.

  • May 19th - Atlantis

Am Samstag den 20. Mai 2006 findet um 18:00 Uhr ein Quiz zum Grand Prix statt!!! Steffen wird es per Mass Messages leiten! Kommt alle zahlreich!

  • May 17th - Delteria

MV Spar Tournaments have returned! Singles are every Wednesday at 8 PM EST and Doubles are on Thursday at the same time.

  • May 17th - Graal Event Worlds

In some weeks we have a very nice homepage, with all new infos/news and all important other things for you. (more detail about the GEW homepage soon)

  • May 8th - Era

It's been hard to detail every single update on Era, so he's a selected few ;)

  • Overworld
    • You'll notice a MASS amount of updates on the overworld. Era has now got a broadway along the coast line. You'll notice alot of new and old buildings and also a new bridge. We'll release more about the overworld at a later date.
  • Items
    • You may have seen the staff walking around with alot of new weapons. You'll soon be able to buy these weapons from random businesses around Era. We have a introduced some new items such as the Bow and the Bamboo rod, some new production items such as the bottles.
  • Staff
    • Well, we've had to remove the gang admin (Sean) due to his absence (we have no idea where he may be). We've still to promote a new gang admin and maybe even a business admin too. We've hired Kinetaro and Dargaro which are both very skilled in the graphical and leveling areas.
  • Businesses
    • You'll notice that alot have come back. Most of the old ones may be auctioned off, we're also planning on introducing alot more new ones too. These will include Hotels, Restauronts and Clubs.
  • Gym
    • We've also introduced the old Gym style back. Instead of a temporary boost, we've made it so you can gain speed levels by running on the treadmill. It's the exact same system before, but we may introduce something new to it too.
  • May 5th - Zone Weapon Info Screen

An info screen is now displaying when equipping a weapon - it shows the type, ammo, number of kills, power and your top stats place if you're in the top 20.

  • May 4th - Classic: Final Spar and PK Ranks for April

For those unaware, the equations for Sparring and PK points were rewritten. The ranks are ordered from most points to least points, and everyone starts out with 0 points. The equation, now finalized, is:

(Loser's points + 1) / (Winner's Points + 1)

  • Top 10 Ranked for PKing:
    • Silvercrank: 22468
    • hishihishi: 15118
    • weetbix: 14927
    • raymi: 14876
    • Vamont75: 14848
    • Angelman: 14831
    • healfeal: 11308
    • yojimbokintoray: 10282
    • Funeedude15218: 10125
    • xzether: 9997
  • Top 10 Ranked for Sparring:
    • Bloodfeud: 408
    • 02illusionco: 400
    • Triptheballer: 383
    • turkydiner: 357
    • Cetellic: 320
    • FatE4U: 311
    • Ness: 295
    • TheMentor: 293
    • 6JaCk9: 292
    • OggMonstah: 289
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