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  • March 33rd - Classic's Final Spar/PK Ranks for March

Aside from the server ranks, there are a few things to be looking forward to. The anticipated full-mainland expansion is expected soon. That waterfall I tiled took forever to tile. Quests have been progressing slowly, but not due to my scripting (I've been struck down with illness lately).

There has been tight competition in PK Ranks, not so much for Sparring Ranks. It seems that Krypto92 spars more than most people PK. The equations have been modified to use a quotient of different rank points rather than different ranks. Reason: someone who logs on for the first time and kills the top ranked person could really upset the point balance. This might make April's rank points a bit lower than March's. PK Ranks wouldn't have been affected by this, but the lower ten Spar Ranks may have.

  • PK Ranks (Top 10... for now)
    • 1. Evil_Mistress -37955
    • 2. UnholyLegend -37917
    • 3. Lozlo -37865
    • 4. ChibiTrunkskun -36895
    • 5. Bloodfeud -36460
    • 6. drcatastrophe -36210
    • 7. Silvercrank -35718
    • 8. ira_hayes8 -35671
    • 9. AcidBurns -34706
    • 10. RabbitKing -34442
  • Spar Ranks (Top 10... for now)
    • 1. Krypto92 -16234
    • 2. Huwajux -6670
    • 3. anarchy_x -6206
    • 4. Tykox -5343
    • 5. vinnie546 -4774
    • 6. psychot1k -4004
    • 7. geebo920 -3842
    • 8. rapy0 -3758
    • 9. roarman -3520
    • 10. Bloodfeud -2680
  • March 29th - Era: Updates!

Ready for the amount of updates?

    • Updated the flower shops bouqet prices
    • Updated the seashell prices (You get charged for 1, not 5 now)
    • Released a bounty hunting system
    • Cinderella's calculcated that Yenroy had the most points on Era
    • Added two new cars made by Demisis and Kinetaro
    • Finished Lazer tag (Creating some new tiles/nice new effects)
    • Fixed some lagg (lighteffectsenabled)
    • New weapons under progress (Guns/Bombs/Ammo)
    • New Event Items (Glowsticks/Signs)
    • New business updates (Can customize your business with the help of an admin)
    • Better detection to staff abuse (Kazuko >.>)

I think that's all so far. Have fun Eraqis

  • March 28th - Graal Event Worlds: WORK, WORK, WORK!

We gfx, build and script 24 hours a day since 4 months, but now we think that we are finished soon!

  • March 22nd - Era: Updated Tileset!

Era's once again been updated, this time it's the tileset. We've added alot more tiles onto the current tileset, this means we can improve the area's on Era with fancy new tiles.

  • March 19th - Era: Cinderella!

The quest is on to find who the best player on Era is! Era's designed a script that calculates up all of the player's achivements (The amount of kills a player has killed, the amount of letters a player has delivered etc). The winner will be anounced on Era in a week's time. The winner shall recieve a few prizes. Cinderella aka 'the calculator' is located on Era. You must find her to be able to enter the competition. Have funky fun eraqis!

  • March 18th - Era: New Staff!

After reviewing applications the new Era Staff have been chosen!

    • Kazuko (GP) [NewFoundCrisis]
    • Etrican (LAT) [etrican]
    • Mange (LAT) [shotoo2]

Congrats to these people and thank you to all who tried out!

  • March 17th - Era: The Style Saver and Patricks Day

The style saver has returned! It only costs $300 and you can cary an infinate amount of slots. The style saver saves

    • Players Head
    • "" Body
    • "" Shield
    • "" Clothes (Shoe color, belt color etc)

We've alse done a mini event for Saint Patricks Day, there's an NPC on the Era overworld that will give you a special hat. Have fun!

  • March 11th - Graal Classic: The Famous Yellow Mug

That yellow mug that you remember to be larger than your head has made its infamous return, now available at Graal City Restaurant for a mere 20 gelat. The old time effects are included-- as well as new ones. They depend only on how much of it you may drink.

In addition, I just reintegrated the movement system a bit. It should behave a little bit more effectively now, particularly the parts when the player's standing, or at supposed to be standing still. If you notice any new bugs, please contact a member of the administration.

  • March 8th - Graal Kingdoms: Soccer

A complete new Soccer game has been added on the events island! You can pass, lob, tackle to steal the ball and jump to block the ball. It is also showing where the ball is. There will be official soccer events soon.

  • March 8th - Classic: CTF Tournament

Classic's CTF Champion's Tournament! A Capture the Flag tournament is being put together on the Classic server and anyone can enter! Just get together teams of 4 people, have one person from each team send account names of each person on the team as well as a team name to [email protected] Each person can only be on one team. If you're from another server send contact information as well. Thank you.

  • March 5th - Era

The serverlist info has been improved, it now displays the current activities on Era:

    • The current event being hosted
    • The player with the highest shooting range score
    • The player that has won the most blackjack games without loosing
    • This weeks lottery money

  • March 1st - Graal Classic: Final Ranks for February

newCappa finished first in PK. Bloodwork finished first in Spar.

I decided that I would not release all ranks and rank points for February since the system has only been up for a week, and also because the equation for PK points has now been simplified. Still, I wouldn't want the highest ranked to go unrecognized.

Now I must write a program that will rewrite the ranks in HTML for me. Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy fighting your way to the top on Classic. jake13jake

  • March 1st - Graal Kingdoms: Spells fixed

A few flaws in the spell system have been fixed so that the spells are not overpowered anymore, but still take a good amount of hitpoints. Also the forked lightning is actually forking now, making it possible to hit a wider area.

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