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  • June 26th - Zone Weapon Stats Modifications

The stats of some weapons have been modified to make them more like they were in v2: KV9, Plasmarifle, Laserforce, Crossbow, AP Ripper, Enhanced Pulsar, R51 and KR-90 have a shorter freezing time, and SMG is slightly more powerful (takes 10 hitpoints instead of 9).

  • June 24th - Graal Kingdoms Soccer Stamina

The soccer/football game displays a stamina bar now: you need to pause from time to time to not exhaust, otherwise you will run very slow. Passing to team members has been improved.

  • June 23rd - Classic Castle Quest

Classic has finally released the Castle Quest! Also The Damage System has gone through major optimizations. The Knife of Fiends and Morpher will be released on July 8th.

  • June 17th - Graal Kingdoms Soccer Team Colors

The Football/Soccer event supports team colors now! Also diagonal shots are faster and passing to team members has been made easier.

  • June 9th - Era: classical updates!

Well, you may notice that we've done quite alot of updates. I'll begin with the Gym, the Gym is back! you can now gain Speed and Strength levels which stick with you on Era for a lifetime! (Never runs out...) Having a greater speed level will increase the speed that you travel, making you run faster! Having a greater strength level will increase the amount of items that you can carry. Currently, there is a cap on these levels. Although it's very hard to get past these levels, we've capped the maximum levels of both to 10. You'll be able to notice the difference you can carry and the speed you travel on each level increase. Finally, we released Dairyhut and Dippin Donuts! These are currently two of many to come food businesses on Era, there is no special eat or die feature, we've decided for the food to just heal your health and cause random effects like Food poison, healing poison and healing your wounds. We've also released a few other businesses such as PPA, Bounty Hunter and PyroTech. Although, they're still needing a few more updates! Be sure to expect a few night clubs, more business types and an overworld increase soon! We've also finished the baddys that shoot guns! a few quests will be released soon hopefully! They're not hard to kill, but if a group of them get to you, lets just say that they will also kill your family! I've decided to mention only a few of the updates on Era! If this makes you tingle inside, log on Era to feel a true shock!

  • June 8th - Classic: Final Spar and PK Ranks for May

Classic ranks were reset mid-month in May to test a new and improved points system. The #1 ranks, Silvercrank and Bloodfeud, recieved 10,000 gelat. Ranks 2-5 recieved 5,000. People who were in the top 10 of both categories also recieved an extra 10,000 gelat.

  • Top 10 Ranked for PKing:
    • Silvercrank: 80062
    • JamieUrlacher: 15280
    • TheMentor: 14717
    • hoss: 14662
    • Shadow87: 10976
    • Soto: 7500
    • Bloodfeud: 6955
    • LOA--Paul: 6295
    • Devine_TK: 6128
    • Blitzxkrieg: 6016
  • Top 10 Ranked for Sparring:
    • Bloodfeud: 4737
    • Kuchinawa: 4523
    • IronHead666: 2763
    • RabbitKing: 2313
    • Intrepid: 1451
    • Cetellic: 1233
    • Brady_Graal: 1171
    • daz2005: 1122
    • likit: 921
    • Devine_TK: 915
  • June 6th - Graal Kingdoms Serverlist Info

The serverlist page for Graal Kingdoms displays some life info now, it shows when an event is going on. We have also worked on the events tool and will soon be able to add new features like global events announcements.

  • June 5th - Graal Event Worlds

We are looking for new Staffs (LATs, GFXT, NATs, etc.), when you want a job or nearly information than write an Email at: [email protected]

  • June 4th - Atlantis Playermeeting

Players from Atlantis have met near Frankfurt (Main) on a weekend to see how the virtual friends look like, to speak about Graal, the life and play some badminton and billiard. There were already several meetings in the previous years. See some pictures!

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