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  • January 28th - Graal Kingdoms Spell Improvements

Spell casting has been improved to easily target objects or cast the spell into the direction of the mouse - when you press S or cast a spell via hotkey then it is aiming to the position of the mouse or the object below the mouse.

  • January 25th - New Serverlist

We hope that you enjoy the new serverlist which shows pictures of the servers instead of plain text! The text and pictures can easily be exchanged.

  • January 22nd - Era Auction House

The auction house is back again! There is also an extension to the CTF event - a new Roof Tops map!

  • January 20th - Graal v4 Bug Fixes

A new version is up, with major bug fixes for Intel cards, so bitmap fonts, minimap icons and particle effects should work now. Of course there are also several other bug fixes and script improvements. Mac players please use this link since the auto-updater was bugged: Graal4.dmg.bz2

  • January 19th - New Remote Control

Download the new RemoteControl via the Update tab! Admins can now watch and edit profiles, open several script windows, use global chat and use the new banning.

  • January 15th - Kingdom Cloaks

The cloaks are released! The cloak shop is in the igloo town, you will need yarn which you get by doing recipes. For learning those recipes find the wizards and witches on the kingdoms islands and bring them the items they need.
The cloaks are giving different resistances and will change your look completely!

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