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  • February 26th - Classic: New Systems Update

Several minor bugs have been removed from movement and hit detection. The AP bar has been readded to the GUI as well. PK and Spar Ranks from the initialization of the rank database which occured a few days ago will be published on the first, and the incrementation of PK ranks will be rewritten thereafter. Ranks will continue to be reset and published on the first of every month.

The Current Top 5 Accounts in PK: evil_tiger, onewingedman09, Clonedroid, BiGPiMpiN313, TimUrlacher

The Current Top 5 Accounts in Spar: sausage_rolo, yxcvb, soulwazza, r3dbow, Schleuse

Honorable Mention: Renowned Sparrer/PKer Exodus (playared) ranks 6th in PK Ranks.

Further Description of Ranks: Ranks are based on Rank Points. A player does not have access to their rank points, but it is the basis on which the ranks are sorted. Upon the player killing someone, that player's rank points increase by their rank divided by the other's rank (1 being the highest rank). Therefore, it makes sense to Spar and PK more often, and to Spar and PK with people of higher ranks.

It is also planned to add the following chat commands:

"/showrankpk", "/showrankpk account"

"/showrankspar", "/showrankspar account"

  • February 26th - Maloria Events Discount

Winning events will now get you a discount on Event Items. You can read more about it on the Maloria website.

  • February 25th - Classic Gets an Overhaul

What's New?

-AP System Returns: Yes, it's pretty much the same that we had before the NPC server. The only difference is that saints lose 5 AP when they simply hit someone.

-Spar Rating Returns: Yes, it's pretty much the same that we had before the NPC server.

-New Rank Database for PK and Sparring Ranks: Discover who is truly the best.

-New Key Codes have been added

F: focuses the selected player on the playerlist. Say "/key focus #" to change.

C: toggles the camera mode. Say "/key camera #" to change.

C+Click: changes the camera mode to static (as to where you clicked).

N: toggles the nickname view. Say "/key nicks #" to change.

R: show's ratings (not so new, but upgraded a bit). Say "/key ratings #" to change.

Wherever you see #, you can use any character or letter.

-New Movement System: The new movement system is much cleaner than the movement system it is replacing, and arguably cleaner than the default movement system.

-New Hit Detection System: The new hit detection system is also much cleaner than the hit detection system it is in the process of replacing. It has been called "The best serverside hit detection ever made," by a programmer from New Hampshire.


  • February 25th - Maloria

Tralitai won Nation Wars today, and has won their Nation Shield. The next Nation Wars will be on March 4th.

All nations have recieved special rings that can be worn by any member.

A new katar (Ancient Katars) has been released.

  • February 24th - New Kingdoms spell system and new Bomboria

The spell system has been redone on Graal Kingdoms - all spells are working now and are more effective. You can cast by mouse and easily target enemies. Watch the Spells Guide for more information.

We have also redone the starting tasks, they are now taking part in New Bomboria, which is bigger now and divided into an east, central and west part. New players can directly get in contact with the existing player base and the starting tasks have been improved to work better and can be mouse driven.

As a special bonus we have also improved the effects for hitting enemies or failing (only hitting their armour).

  • February 21th - Graal Bomy Lands Opened

Graal Bomy Lands, previously known as "Graal: Bomy Moon" and before Graal2001 has been reopened!

  • February 19th - Events List improved

The F1 window has been improved and contains buttons that lead to the Graal Bible and Graal Forums now, and you can click on the server names in the events announcements to directly login to the servers.

  • February 18th - Maloria

Nation Wars

Nayfle won Nation Wars today. The next Nation Wars will be held on Saturday, February 25th at 1PM EST.

New Event

A new underwater race event has been released. Be sure not to drown during it!

  • February 17th - Graal v4.04 release

A new Graal version has been released which fixes many problems with particle effects, adds several new scripting functions for sounds and gives new options for disabling light effects and similar. Players who are still using v2 should switch now.

  • February 17th - Era

Shooting range was re-added. The Shooting range costs 30$ to play, it's located next to the business 'I-Meph'. Your final score counts as cash, (finalscore * 1.75).

  • February 15th - Maloria

Nation Wars will be held at 1 PM EST on Saturday, February 18th.

  • February 11th - Delteria

Halo won the weekly Delteria Spar Tournament. Reminder that this event is held weekly on Saturday night around 9:45 P.M. EST.

  • February 6th - Era

Shooting system

The new 'damange' system has been implemented on Era. The Eraqis of Era will be able to see how much damage they recieve, how much damage they deliver and if they can be hurt or not.

New Sewers

The sewers have been released! The Eraqis of Era will be able to reach certain locations alot faster!

  • February 5th - Maloria Nation Wars

Nayfle won Nation Wars today. The next scheduled Nation Wars will be Saturday, February 11th, 2006. 1 PM EST.

  • February 4th - Classic

Sister Gertrude's Orphanage

Due to popular demand, we have brought back Sister Gertrude's Orphanage (the old newbie house). You wouldn't expect it to have been replaced into such an odd location though. Many people have asked me, "Why in the world did you put it on the side of a cliff?" We actually plan to have it serve as the entrance to Mount Sylphia's southern cave system, which will eventually get you to Snow Town.

New GC Prizes

The Game Coordinators have come up with several new prizes. The list is: Stone Form, Entertainer, Neo Poly Trail, GC Studios Pass, and the GC Lottery Ticket.

Graal Castle Quest

The dungeon quest for Graal Castle has delayed release until the new movement and damage systems are released. I would like to apologize for this. Most of the problems faced are damage system related.

Camera System

If there is still anyone that is unaware, there is one part of all the system work that has been done that has already been released. The camera system. It is planned to add a keyboard toggle in the new movement systems. But, for right now, the commands are:

/camera chase (camera lags behind the player when moving)

/camera spectate (enables the arrow keys to change the focus, goes anywhere within a single level)

/camera static (keeps the camera in a single location, clicking on the level while saying this will change the location)

/camera (any /camera command that doesn't exist will switch back to default)

/focus account (changes the camera's focus to the account specified)

/focus self (guarantees returning the camera's focus to the player)

Further Overworld Expansion

We have started work on bringing back several towns. These include Babord, Avalon, and Destiny. We also have plans to bring back MoD town, though not as immediately as the former. With the release of the new gscript2 movement system and Destiny, the Opposite Boots and Gravity Boots will once again be available.

  • February 4th - Graal Kingdoms Spring

The grass is back, we have spring on Graal Kingdoms! There is a new fresh tileset now.

There were also smaller improvements, the mine carts have been fixed, and the player shops display with a different icon on the map now.

  • February 3rd - Era


alexOWNZu won the lottery and received $7511! This weeks tickets are for sale right now at the OSL.


The phones on Era were released. To make a call, type in a number in your chat bar (911), and then grab the phone. It doesn't cost any $ to make a call.

You can find the phones all over Era, in businesses, on the streets.

  • February 1st - Era's Blackjack
Blackjack was released on Era, instead of having to type in the options 'Hit' and 'Stay', it's now mouse controlled. If you're able to beat the dealer, you'll obtain a prize of 5 to 10$.

Blackjack can be found in the Casino above the Era Mall.

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