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  • December 24th - Christmas

Christmas is nearly upon us, and to go with it, the Graal XMAS Gold and VIP accounts have traditionally returned with seasonal items on Graal Kingdoms and Zone. Not only that, but exciting news about the Graal3D dungeons has also arrived! You will soon receive your copy of the GraalOnline Newsletter in your email inbox which contains more details, but if you can't wait, take a look right now at the newsletter!

Happy Holidays and best wishes from the GraalOnline team!

  • December 21th - Graal v4.2

A new client version has been released for preparing Graal3D and the new games section, as well as bringing a lot of fixes for memory leaks and crashes and introducing new scripting functionality.

See v4.2 Release notes.

  • December 17th - Zone Candy Reapers

On Zone you can buy a new weapon the shops: the Candy Reapers! They cost 8k and are almost as powerful as the normal reapers. They are only available until new year. There are also two near hats available in the outfit terminals: the santa hat and the elf hat!


  • December 16th - Kingdoms Christmas

It's snowing on Graal Kingdoms! The valleys are filled with snow again, you will also see the GUI and minimap looking snowy now. Instead of simple snow we have added a complete weather system now though, most work was done by Zero (zokemon). We plan to soon also add snowmen to Graal Kingdoms!

  • December 3rd - Zone Christmas

The christmas decoration is back: decorated trees, sleds and the jingle music are welcoming you on Zone - but don't expect the players to show more mercy when fighting! Several new outfits have been added, including the Santa head.


  • December 3rd - Era Updates

Been updating alot of things, Era's now snowy and the snowmen and the mittons are now released. Be sure to expect a surprize from the snowmen, you'll notice an update within the next couple of weeks. As of now, you can just create them by pushing the snowballs on the floor. Once they're destroyed, you're given a piece of candy.

Also, made two new commands. /suicide /jump

Thanks to Hato for the great Ganis.

  • December 2nd - Zodiac Druid Updates

The Druid class can now learn Wisdom of the Owl, Decree of Leandril, Thorns, Bloom and Drowzy Pollen. Level 50 players with atleast 20 Druid can now access Druid-specific class mastery points.

  • December 1st - GraalX Economy Fix up

We have finally had time to fix up the economy. All job's should be a bit easier to make money on, I tried to equal them out as much but make fishing (being the easiest job) lowest out of all the jobs with making Farming (longest) being top followed by Mining.

You can now sell any bones you collected to a researching company. The collector is currently in the hospital on the second floor. You can only sell one bone (of each person) per hour. So if you have 3 bones of A, and 2 bones of B. After you sell 1 bone of A, and 1 bone of B.. you won't be able to sell the others. You get paid about 0.75$ per bone, it's decent money but is NOT suppost to be a main job but some money for ammo or something. The paid-price is subject to change later on.

Expect some new updates to be released to take money out of the economy, new games / toys, instruments, weapons, music and much more!

--KuJi 00:39, 2 December 2006 (CET)

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