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  • August 30th - Pool Billiard

A new game is available: Pool Billiard - just click on the Games tab or on the Games World and you can play billiard against the computer or other players, or watch other players playing and chat. There is 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Straight and Snooker.

In all games you can chat while playing against other players now, so it should be more fun.

  • August 28th - Dark Nations Development!

We got our tileset completed and retrieved, so currently, were scripting a few functions, resolving gmap problems and tomorrow were going to start Development of our Overworld tomorrow. Our new overworld is much larger than the old one, so yes, we will be in need of LATs. It is 5 islands. The middle/main island will be used as 'The Hangout', shops,events house, some quests, and Guildhouse locations. The other 4 islands, which surround the middle island will be used for alot of quests and major events ect.

Please come to Dark Nations and look around, test npc's while our staff develope, or to apply for a certain Staff position.

-Matt (Manager)

  • August 27th - Zone Photon Cannon

The photon cannon is a powerful rifle with normal and charged shots. You can buy it now for 18k in the shops!

  • August 27th - Black Dev

Black is a classic and modern server together, there are 3 LAT positions available, along with 2 Gani and room for 1 GAT.

Email: [email protected]

Tryouts only, no exceptions -RW* (Manager)

  • August 27th - Stone Henge Overworld!

Today we've been working on a massive amount of the overworld. Please feel free to check out Stone Henge as we ARE hiring staff specifically LATs. But it's been getting interesting and more baddies have started to be created. -Stan (Manager of Stonehenge)

  • August 27th - Alexia Kingdom Update

Alexia Kingdom has almost become player friendly! We are currently finishing up our OW, and improving our events system! Event prizes and player items will soon be finished as well. Quests also soon to come. Please visit us sometime!

  • August 27th - Niromia's First Event!

On 9.15.2006, September 16th for the decimally challenged, Niromia will be hosting it's first event. Even though we still are a private server we encourage those with Upgraded accounts to come and see what's it's all about. The event will consist of three sub events. 1) Spar/Pk, 2) Scavenger hunt across Sarcartus, 3) Suprise Event. The Grand Winner of the event will get $20 (in real life) I will mail it to the winner. So come on down that day and have some fun! ;o - Omega (Server Admin for Niromia)

  • August 20th - Unholy Nation Spars&Events

UN's brand new 26-level spar complex now includes all different kinds of spars. Its newly featured Spar Ranking systems, to see who has the best win:loss ratio, is accompanied by Spar Rating and Events Wins resets; now the best sparrers and eventers automatically have their statue updated in OSL.

  • August 19th - Zone Wild Cross (CTF)

The Wild Cross planet is back! Capture the flag of the enemy team and bring it to your own base, first team with 5 flags wins. The map has been reduced in size to make it more interesting.

  • August 18th - Zodiac Classic

Zodiac has been moved to the Classic Tab! It's a classic-style RPG-world.

  • August 16th - Zone Alpha Planet

The Alpha planet is back - a pking planet without rules! The planet selection has been improved to display more planets and you can select them via mouse click now.

  • August 11th - Classic Spar

Classic's monthly spar tournament for the month of August is over. Congratulations to Nicholas (Rommiel) for picking up the win.

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