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  • April 22nd - Classic Action System Revised

The only visible improvement is push detection, but anything related to jumping, pushing, pulling, lifting, and throwing is being implemented much differently than it was before. The action system is now integrated into the primary movement NPC. This was the most recent barrier to the completion of the quest in the Graal City Castle dungeon, and the last major barrier.

Other, smaller barriers include the completion of a few baddies, rescripting the chest system, and a few class fixes. I'd expect it to be up in the next week or so, but it could take 3 weeks as I have finals approaching and a big CS project due.

Also, the 2nd of May is approaching, and that's when the players with #1 ranks in sparring and pking will be awarded a prerelease of the Hover Boots, a week before their public release in Destiny Boot Shop. Silvercrank is currently the #1 PKer and Bloodfeud is currently the #1 Sparrer.

  • April 22nd - Zone Guild Wars Improvements

Several glitches have been fixed, the classes were more balanced and you can now throw pipe bombs, taze bombs and gas grenades through doors, so that you can easier kill people hiding in tents.

  • April 17th - Zone Guild Wars Map

A new map has been released on Zone. It is replacing the Zone Wars map and is made for team fight - it ends once a team lost all members or the time runs out.

  • Features:
    • New weapons: lava gun for placing hot lava on the ground, blaster for throwing enemies through the air, dart gun poisoning enemies, grenade launcher for throwing grenades which explode after a few seconds
    • 5 classes which have totally different abilities and goals - e.g. the light powers give you strong plasma sabres, while the engineer class lets you drive Mechs
    • a map with two bases, turrets and a river in the middle
    • a lava cave which use new graphics and particle effects and let you only use melee weapons

We have also added a few other improvements, like displaying explosions on the radar and a new bunny head outfit.

  • April 15th - Graal Kingdoms Easter

All the weekend players were digging for eggs and rabbits. The eggs don't just jump into the inventory anymore though, you need a net from Zehn Village to catch them and trade them in for special easter items, which included a new cloak, shield and bow.

  • April 15th - Easter Egg Hunt Returns to Classic

Easter in 2005 was dominated by Stryker, the GP Admin. He collected an astonishing 3009 Easter Eggs, blowing away the competition. Easter is coming around again. How many do you think you could collect?

In addition there may be a possibility of seeing rabid rabbits hopping around hoarding Easter eggs. Want to be the champion of Egg Hunts? Come to Classic: Easter 2006.

  • April 13th - Expanse of Classic

It's been about a week since the overworld was finally expanded for a full mainland, and we're hard at work filling in the space. Since August, the overworld of Classic has expanded more than tenfold, along with the acceptance of player houses to the overworld for the first time in years.

The Destiny Boot Shop is now reopened. They currently have a selection of Opposite Boots, Gravity Boots, and Splash Boots. May 9th is the date set for the sale of the new Hover Boots. However, the top ranks in Spar and PK for the month of April will be able to receive a free pair on May 2nd.

Top PKer on Classic for April thus far: Silvercrank with 6045 points

Top Sparrer on Classic for April thus far: 02illusionco with 196 points (Get sparring people!)

  • April 11th - Era's Updates!

First, we've released the gangs. There's currently 5 gangs on Era. We've got Blazian Bandits, Black Holst, Los Carteles, Morano Family and Terisu Family. You can join a gang by talking to a recruiter of a gang. Every so often we'll be hosting gang wars. Each gang that participates will get a chance to win something big for their gang. This could be a gang weapon to a gang update. We've also released alot more weapons. This includes the gang guns (Sg552, Blazian's M4, Terisu's Katana (Temporary), Morano's Machine Gun. (We're currently waiting for Black Holst's weapon)

The new 'voting' system is now in effect, instead of chatting, you now get the chance to 'rig' the current vote. Hey, just like a real democracy.

Since easter is approaching soon, we've decided to go with something new on Era. We've turned the easter egg's into chocolate that can revive players and also heal them. We've also made the beach an explosion zone. You can dig up Nitro's and P4's from the beach, be warned as they could explode!

We've changed the current 'Start location' around. You'll notice that the mission house has been re-placed. Have fun finding it! (It's not too far from the origional place, hehe) We've also updated the player killing system. You can't recieve damage if you're in a no-pk zone. You can't deal damage if you're in a no-pk zone either. (No more laming at unstick me!) You can't be pushed from that area too!

We've also released a new 'guild chat' system for in-game purposeses. It's now alot easier to contact members of your guild through the new system.

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